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Those who watched The Challenge: Total Madness know Dee Nguyen was fired from the show for her insensitive remarks surrounding the Black Lives Matter movement on Twitter. Now, fans think Jordan Wiseley also needs to face the music. Wiseley expressed racist remarks on The Real World prior to ever appearing on The Challenge.

Sarah Rice, a former contestant, doesn’t think Wiseley should be canceled so fast, though. Here’s what she said about the situation.

Jordan Wiseley was called out for his racist actions that occurred on ‘The Real World’

Wiseley is quite a polarizing figure on The Challenge, but he stirred up major controversy on The Real World: Portland. Fellow reality star Nia Moore didn’t get along with Wiseley in the house, and they had a few uncomfortable confrontations. And on one occasion, their usual banter tired physical.

While Wiseley and Moore had a physical confrontation, Moore eventually yelled at Wiseley to leave her alone. And Wiseley called her a racial slur on the show after that.

Wiseley has since tweeted about what went down on the show and insinuated he never said a racial slur. And he also sat down with Moore more recently to tell fans and followers that the two are totally fine and friendly with each other now.

“I, even then, didn’t feel that it was coming from a racial, racist place,” Moore said on Instagram during her conversation with Wiseley about his use of the n-word. “It was just two people arguing back and forth.”

Some think Wiseley might not appear on future ‘Challenge’ seasons

Jordan Wiseley (R) attends the 2015 MTV Movie Awards at Nokia Theatre L.A. Live
Jordan Wiseley (R) attends the 2015 MTV Movie Awards at Nokia Theatre L.A. Live | Rich Polk/Getty Images for MTV

Wiseley’s past with The Real World is certainly causing a lot of commotion. And it looks like it may affect his standing with The Challenge. He didn’t show up for the Total Madness virtual reunion despite his fiancée, Tori Deal, being there. And Distractify notes the host of AfterBuzz TV said rumors are swirling that Wiseley won’t be back for quite awhile.

“There are rumors going around, allegedly, that MTV execs had a meeting about Jordan, and they decided that they were just going to give him a warning, which means that they are going to suspend him from The Challenge for one to three or four seasons,” the host noted.

Marlon Williams, a contestant on The Real World: Portland who saw everything between Moore and Wiseley go down, thinks Wiseley should receive punishment. “If it turns out to be a one to three years suspension, that’s not really enough,” he told Distractify. “He has accepted some responsibility and some accountability for the fact that his views have hurt people. His views have enabled racism, his actions have enabled part of the problem, and this is behind the scenes.”

Sarah Rice thinks Wiseley shouldn’t be canceled from the show


A Favorite ‘Challenge’ Competitor Is Rumored to Be Suspended for Several Seasons Due to Past Behavior

Rice had a good relationship with Wiseley on The Challenge. While Rice no longer competes on the show, she spoke to the Challenge Mania podcast about Wiseley’s potential dismissal from the show. And she thinks there should be some grace for the wrongs he’s committed in his past.

“What are they, actors, or are they humans? Because people make mistakes, and if you’re going to cast them as people, then you have to understand they’re going to do things people do,” Rice noted.

She then added that instead of production companies focusing on silencing voices that were wrong in the past, they should be putting their efforts toward amplifying voices who “haven’t had a microphone.”

So, will Wiseley get a chance at redemption with a future Challenge season? We’ll have to wait and see what happens. But, given his numerous apologies and Instagram conversation with Moore, we think there’s a good chance he’ll be invited back.

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