‘The Challenge: All Stars’: Former MTV Contestant Confirms ‘All Stars’ Season 2 is Casting

Fans of MTV’s The Challenge adore The Challenge: All Stars, as it brings together fan-favorite contestants from seasons that aired long ago. Now that season 1 of All Stars is coming to a close, everyone’s wondering what’s to come for the series. And it looks like a veteran player from The Challenge confirmed casting is happening for season 2.

‘The Challenge: All Stars’ cast hopes for a season 2

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The Challenge: All Stars brought together favorites from MTV’s The Challenge. It served as a blast from the past the fans and cast needed. Viewers got to see old feuds and old friendships reignite, and it made for a powerful season with some of the best in the history of the game.

Now, All Stars is about to close out its debut season. The first season has only 10 episodes total, and rumors suggest the cast only agreed to film for two weeks. It might’ve been too disruptive to their lives to film for longer. But it looks like they support season 2.

Mark Long, a contestant on the show who helped created the concept, noted he wants to see All Stars continue for many seasons.

“My perfect dream of this, if I could script the future for the OG All Stars, would be that we probably do multiple seasons and then at some point have the biggest moment of reality television when the OGs go up against the new kids that’s airing now,” Long explained to Entertainment Weekly. “It’s like the Super Bowl of The Challenge and it’ll be the biggest thing that you’ve ever seen from The Challenge, that is that for d*mn sure.”

This former MTV star confirmed ‘All Stars’ is casting

It looks like MTV’s The Challenge fans can get hyped for season 2 of All Stars. Amaya Brecher, a Real World contestant who then went to compete on Challenge 2000, Battle of the Sexes, tweeted about the second season.

“Before anyone asks: I was asked and said ‘no’ to doing the second season of #challengeallstars,” she tweeted on May 23, 2021. “But, yes, there is going to be a whole new crop of your favorites competing on @paramountplus in the near future!”

A few fans responded to Amaya’s post. She then added, “Trust, they’ll be fine without me pretending I enjoy physical activity. I know a couple of the names already signed up and don’t want to spoil the surprises coming your way.”

Is ‘The Challenge: All Stars’ on MTV?

Johnny 'Bananas, Cara Maria Sorbello, and Frank Sweeney sitting together at 'MTV's 'The Challenge: Rivals II' final episode and reunion party
MTV’s ‘The Challenge: Rivals II’ final episode and reunion party | Mike Coppola/Getty Images

So, will any future seasons of The Challenge: All Stars make it to MTV? It’s doubtful. While MTV’s The Challenge fans would love to see their favorites on the same network as all the other Challenge shows, Paramount+ owns All Stars and exclusively offers it on their streaming service. Fans who want to watch All Stars can sign up for a free seven-day trial with Paramount+.

Those who keep up with The Challenge on MTV shouldn’t sweat too much, though. There’s plenty of talk about season 37 and what that will entail. Casting and production rumors are running rampant. We’re excited to hear of news MTV provides on the subject in the future.

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