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‘The Challenge: All Stars’: Mark Long Confirmed the Season Will Have Reunion Special

Mark Long helped put 'The Challenge: All Stars' into motion, and it's proven to be a major hit with fans of the original MTV's 'The Challenge' seasons. While the debut season is short, it looks like fans will get a reunion special. Here's what Mark tweeted.

Fans of MTV’s The Challenge have been keeping up with The Challenge: All Stars — and now, the debut season is coming to a close. The finale is here, and fans are excited to see who wins the $500,000 prize. Once the finale finishes, it looks like we’ll get to see the cast come together for a reunion, too. Contestant Mark Long stated the season will round out with a reunion special.

When does ‘The Challenge: All Stars’ air? How long is the finale?

The Challenge: All Stars airs every Wednesday on Paramount+, and the season is already eight episodes in. The finale began on Wednesday, May 19, 2021 — and it’s just part one of the season. Part two of the finale airs May 26, 2021. And that’s when the single winner of $500,000 is announced.

In total, the debut season of All Stars is just 10 episodes long. While some fans have commented on the short season, it makes sense for Paramount+ to test out this new show for their streaming service with a briefer season than what traditionally occurs for MTV’s The Challenge.

There were also rumors to suggest the season was briefer to accommodate the schedules of the players. Because most of the All Stars contestants don’t make reality TV appearances regularly, the season wrapped up production in just two weeks so they could go back home to their families. Finalists Aneesa Ferreira and Darrell Taylor were the only two to compete on other seasons of The Challenge more recently.

Mark Long confirmed ‘All Stars’ will have a reunion

MTV’s The Challenge fans upset with how short The Challenge: All Stars is will at least get to sit in for a reunion special. Mark confirmed via Twitter that the season will have a reunion. When a fan asked if the season was over, he replied, “Two episode finale then REUNION,” along with celebrating emojis.

So, who will attend the reunion special? While nothing’s been officially announced, we imagine all of the finalists will talk about their experience on the show. The women who made it to the final are Jonna, Aneesa, Jisela, Big Easy, Ruthie, Kellyanne, and Jemmye. The men who made it are Yes, Derrick, Mark, Big Easy, Darrell, and Alton.

It looks like a few feuds from the show might come up during the reunion as well. Jisela and Aneesa were friends going into the competition, but their relationship soured toward the end. It looks like they haven’t made up, either. Jisela called Aneesa a “fake friend” on Twitter. We’re looking forward to seeing how this unfolds further after the show finishes.

Will any of ‘The Challenge: All Stars’ cast return for future seasons?

MTV's 'The Challenge' and 'The Challenge: All Stars' players Adam King, Mark Long, and Ace Amerson with their arms around each other from when they were on 'The Real World'
MTV ‘Real World ‘stars Adam King, Mark Long, and Ace Amerson | Stuart Ramson/Getty Images

‘The Challenge: All Stars’: These Players Never Won MTV’s ‘The Challenge’

MTV’s The Challenge fans certainly want to see All Stars come back for another season. And it’s clear Mark wants that as well. He mentioned his ultimate goal is for All Stars cast members to go head to head with MTV’s The Challenge cast members, indicating he’s certainly game to continue competing.

“My perfect dream of this, if I could script the future for the OG All Stars, would be that we probably do multiple seasons and then at some point have the biggest moment of reality television when the OGs go up against the new kids that’s airing now,” he told Entertainment Weekly. “It’s like the Super Bowl of The Challenge and it’ll be the biggest thing that you’ve ever seen from The Challenge, that is that for d*mn sure.”

Given how active Aneesa is with the show, we’re sure she’d love to come back for another season as well. And there have been some rumors Laurel Stucky might try her hand at competing again. We’ll have to wait and see.

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