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As MTV’s The Challenge Season 37 soldiers on, fans miss some of the great players of the past. Now, Paramount+ has brought some of those infamous players on to The Challenge: All Stars Season 2 to compete for $500,000. This season brings back players known for their brains, big hearts, and serious brawn — and we can’t wait to see who wins it all. Here’s The Challenge: All Stars Season 2 release date and how to watch.

‘The Challenge: All Stars’ Season 2 release date and how to watch the new season

'The Challenge: All Stars' Season 2 cast member Tyler Duckworth
Tyler Duckworth from ‘The Challenge: All Stars’ Season 2 | Paramount+

The Challenge: All Stars Season 2 is slated to be just as big of a hit as the first season. Mark Long, a cast member on The Real World and a Challenge vet first came up with the idea and brought it to the production team. Together, they created The Challenge: All Stars Season 1 — and fans loved seeing their favorites compete in daily challenges, create alliances, and run an ultra-difficult final.

The Challenge: All Stars Season 2 release date is officially Thursday, Nov. 11, 2021. Paramount+ will host the episodes. Heavy reports the first episode is 45 minutes long and will drop around 3 a.m. EST.

It seems fans will have to watch the show via Paramount+, too, as it’s not available via cable or any other streaming service. Paramount+ also has The Challenge: All Stars Season 1 available to stream. Newcomers to the streaming service can utilize a free trial to watch the episodes, too.

‘The Challenge: All Stars’ Season 2 cast is full of fan favorites

There’s plenty to look forward to with The Challenge: All Stars Season 2 cast. The season has 24 players total — 12 men and 12 women. We’ll see a few returning players from season 1, but fans will also get a number of newcomers who haven’t played the game in years, according to MTV.

For the women, we have Ayanna Mackins, Casey Cooper, Janelle Casanave, Jasmine Reynaud, Jodi Weatherton, Jonna Mannion, Katie Cooley, Kendal Darnell, Leah Gillingwater, Melinda Collins, Sophia Pasquis, and Tina Barta.

For the men, we have Brad Fiorenza, Cohutta Grindstaff, Darrell Taylor, Derek Chavez, Derrick Kosinski, Laterrian Wallace, MJ Garrett, Nehemiah Clark, Ryan Kehoe, Steve Meinke, Teck Holmes, and Tyler Duckworth.

Tyler is certainly a player to watch, as he won a number of seasons in the past and never lost a final he competed in. He told Entertainment Weekly he felt heartbroken the show stopped inviting him back in the past, but he feels “overwhelmingly excited” to get another shot at a win.

“I feel like I missed out, but I had to grow up at some point, and I am just so, so appreciative to be able to get back in gear and participate again,” he told the publication. “But yeah, I probably would have won a couple more, easily. Easily!” 

The first 3 minutes of the season shows 1 player coming back for redemption


‘The Challenge: All Stars 2’: Which Male and Female Competitor Won?

MTV’s The Challenge official Twitter posted a sneak peek of the first three minutes of The Challenge: All Stars Season 2, and it’s clear a few cast members are back for major redemption.

“I’m known in The Challenge world for getting angry, being mean, and my one-liners,” Tina tells the camera. ” … I just want to see if I still got it. I just want to see if Tina’s still there.”

But if there’s one competitor here for redemption, it’s Darrell. He narrowly lost to Yes Duffy in The Challenge: All Stars Season 1. This time around, he hopes to earn the win and take home the cash.

“I’m an all-star because I’m the only one who won four in a row,” Darrell tells the camera. “Last season was the first time I have ever lost a final. That’s a tough pill to swallow. I’ve never let something just slip out of my hands that I knew I had in the bag. That’s why I’m back for another season, I’m back for redemption.”

We look forward to watching The Challenge: All Stars Season 2 cast compete on Nov. 11!

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