‘The Challenge: All Stars’ Season 3 Cast Includes So Many Champions It’s Hard to Keep Them Straight

The Challenge: All Stars is coming back for season 3. And host TJ Lavin is promising “an unprecedented lineup of 24 of the most iconic, boldest, and fiercest challengers” competing for a $500,000 prize. The official cast list was just released, and the season 3 cast includes so many champions, it’s hard to keep them straight.

The Challenge: All Stars season 3 cast with host TJ Lavin
‘The Challenge: All Stars’ host TJ Lavin with the cast of season 3 | Laura Barisonzi/MTV ENTERTAINMENT/Paramount+

‘The Challenge: All Stars’ season 3 was filmed in the fall of 2021

When the season 2 finale of The Challenge: All Stars dropped on Paramount+ in January, the end of the episode immediately teased season 3. That’s because it was filmed before season 2 started airing.

According to Screen Rant, the upcoming season of The Challenge: All Stars was filmed a month before season 2 premiered in November 2021. Season 3 was reportedly shot on location in Panama, and it will feature a lot of fan-favorites. As well as a few villains.

Paramount+ revealed in February that All Stars 3 would premiere on May 11. But the official cast list is being kept quiet. That hasn’t stopped the internet spoilers, though. And if they turn out to be true, the new season is going to feature more champions than ever.

The cast includes so many champions, it’s hard to keep them straight

Prior to the official cast announcement, numerous spoiler accounts — including NovaRogue — revealed the cast list for The Challenge: All Stars season 3 is loaded with former champions. Out of the 24 contestants, 16 have won at least one previous season of The Challenge.

The champions who are competing on season 3 are:

  • Cynthia Roberts — winner of Road Rules All Stars (the very first season)
  • Jonna Mannion — winner of All Stars 2
  • Kendal Sheppard — winner of Inferno I
  • Roni Martin — winner of RW/RR Challenge and Gauntlet 1
  • Veronica Portillo — winner of Challenge 2000, Gauntlet 1, & Inferno 1
  • Brad Fiorenza — winner of Cutthroat
  • Darrell Taylor — winner of The Gauntlet I, The Inferno I, The Inferno II, Fresh Meat I, & Champs vs Pros
  • Derrick Kosinski — winner of The Inferno 3, The Island, & The Ruins
  • Jordan Wiseley — winner of Exes 2, Dirty 30, & War of the Worlds 2
  • Mark Long — winner of RW/RR Challenge & Battle of the Sexes 1
  • MJ Garrett — winner of Gauntlet 2 & All Stars 2
  • Nehemiah Clark — winner of Gauntlet III
  • Syrus Yarbrough — winner of Extreme Challenge
  • Tyler Duckworth — winner of Cutthroat & Rivals I
  • Wes Bergmann — winner of The Duel & Rivals II
  • Yes Duffy — winner of Challenge 2000 & All Stars 1

‘The Challenge: All Stars’ is only available on Paramount+

The rest of the cast for All Stars season 3 includes Jemmye Carroll, Kailah Casillas, Kellyanne Judd, Melinda Stolp, Nia Moore, Sylvia Elsrode, Tina Barta, and Laterrian Wallace. There have also been reports that Beth Stolarczyk came in as a replacement. But, it’s not clear who she will replace.

If the pattern follows the first two All Stars seasons, there will be 10 episodes in season 3. With one new episode dropping each week. The spinoff is only available on Paramount+, which offers a basic subscription for $4.99 per month. Or, you can opt for the commercial-free version for $9.99 per month.

Paramount+ is available as a stand-alone streamer with its own app. Or, it can be added on to an Amazon Prime subscription.

The Challenge: All Stars season 3 premieres May 11 on Paramount+.

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