‘The Challenge’: An Ex-Competitor Is Begging MTV to Let Him Back on the Show

The Challenge: Total Madness is over, and the show ended with some seriously high ratings. This means fans can expect season 36 to film as soon as the cast is able to do so. And many past competitors are hungry to reenter the competition and try for another win.

Devin Walker-Molaghan has had major beef with past competitors like Johnny “Bananas” Devenanzio. And he discussed his relationship with Devenanzio on his Instagram. Not only that, but he appears to be incredibly hopeful that MTV will want him back on The Challenge. Here’s what he said.

Devin Walker-Molaghan and Johnny ‘Bananas’ Devenanzio have quite a history

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Devenanzio has plenty of enemies, as he’s played the game for 20 seasons and won seven of them. And Walker-Molaghan made it known the two would never be friends. They had a longstanding rivalry that came to a head on Final Reckoning. And after Devenanzio made some insensitive comments to Walker-Molaghan about his father passing away, it was clear the two would never team up in an alliance.

“At the end of the day, when you take a low blow like that at somebody, it speaks volumes to your character,” Walker-Molaghan told Devenanzio during the Final Reckoning reunion. Devenanzio tried to amend the statement and further explain what he meant, but it didn’t go over well. Walker-Molaghan then approached Devenanzio ready for a fight.

Back in 2018, Devenanzio spoke to PopSugar about Walker-Molaghan as well. “Devin is 100% an opportunist,” Devenanzio noted. “He brings nothing to the show physically or strategically. Devin is not a player in the game, he is one of the pawns. … Devin’s not the first one to come at me; there’s been Jordan and even Tony. The difference, though, is he’s doing it strictly for camera-time and to try and make a name for himself.”

Walker-Molaghan said he doesn’t hate Devenanzio

It looks like past beef with Devenanzio might be water under the bridge for Walker-Molaghan. He took to his Instagram to answer fan questions and talk about where he currently stands with the seven-time Challenge champ.

“The situation with me and Johnny on the last season, on Final Reckoning, was embarrassing for me,” Walker-Molaghan explained in the video. “One of the big Twitter questions I’ve gotten is, ‘Do I hate him?’ The answer to that is absolutely not.'”

Walker-Mologhan then went on to explain that his life is “too good and too blessed to hate anybody,” and that includes Devenanzio. “So, do I hate him? No, I don’t. Do I wish that he would’ve been a little bit more compassionate toward somebody in my situation? Absolutely. Do I wish that I had acted differently? Absolutely. It was embarrassing,” Walker Mologhan concluded.

Walker-Mologhan hopes MTV will invite him back to ‘The Challenge’

Devin Walker-Molaghan at 'The Challenge XXX': Ultimate Fan Experience
Devin Walker-Molaghan at ‘The Challenge XXX’: Ultimate Fan Experience | Lars Niki/Getty Images for MTV

Aside from Devenanzio, Walker-Mologhan talked about his hope that MTV will invite him back to the show.

“If you guys hear any rumors that I have been blacklisted, if you hear any rumors that I’m definitely going on another show, they’re not true,” Walker-Mologhan continued. “Obviously, some of you guys want to see me back. I’d love to see myself back. I’d like to get a f*cking win for all the normal people out there.”

Walker-Mologhan concluded his 16-minute video hoping he can get back on the show. “I hope that I can get back on the show. I hope that I can leave a better mark than I did the last time,” he added.

We’re not sure if we’ll see Walker-Mologhan on season 36 of The Challenge or on any future seasons, but it’s clear he’s eager to get back in the game.

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