‘The Challenge’: Cory Wharton Said Fessy Shafaat is ‘Coming in Worse’ Next Season

MTV’s The Challenge: Double Agents is over, and contestants had the chance to get their finals words with each other during the reunion. While Cory Wharton and Fessy Shafaat started the season as allies, that quickly changed. Now, Cory thinks Fessy is worse off for next season. Here’s what he said.

Did Fessy win ‘The Challenge’? His ‘Double Agents’ run had a catastrophic end

Fessy was one of the best physical players on MTV’s The Challenge: Double Agents. His football background made him the perfect candidate for eliminations involving hand-to-hand combat, and his alliance with the rest of the Big Brother squad protected him. He made it all the way to the final, but ultimately, he didn’t win. Instead, he was disqualified with partner Kaycee Clark.

Kaycee slipped and had a resulting knee injury during the final, and she and Fessy then had to participate in an eating challenge directly afterward. Because of Kaycee’s injury, Fessy didn’t think it was worth it to eat the gross food put in front of him. While Kaycee refused to give up, Fessy called it quits, resulting in them achieving fourth place and winning no money.

“I worked so hard to get here, and this is how my season ends,” Fessy said during the final, “because my partner blew out her knee.”

Cory said Fessy is ‘coming in worse’ next season

Cheyenne Floyd and Cory Wharton from MTV's 'The Challenge' standing together at an MTV awards show
Cheyenne Floyd and Cory Wharton attend the 2019 MTV Movie & TV Awards | David Crotty/Patrick McMullan via Getty Images

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Cory, Fessy, and Nelson Thomas all started MTV’s The Challenge: Double Agents as allies. But everything took a turn when Fessy decided to throw himself against Nelson in a Hall Brawl. Fessy won, but he broke Nelson’s trust — and it certainly threw Cory for a loop.

Cory then went on to MTV’s The Challenge Official Podcast to talk about Fessy’s performance during the season. He noted he thinks Fessy needs to humble himself, as there are plenty of aspects in the competition that he needs to work on in order to become a champion — and that includes communication and teamwork.

“Do you think [Fessy’s] going to come into next season better?” podcast host Tori Deal asked.

“No, he’s coming in worse,” Cory said. “We’ll see. Hopefully, it’s a format where he can showcase that. … Something that we did learn is that a lot of his partners said that he wasn’t the greatest to work with. If there’s one thing that I would tell him, it’s like, ‘Hey, you gotta start becoming a better teammate, because this isn’t always an ‘I’ game.”

Are Fessy and Cory part of MTV’s ‘The Challenge’ Season 37 cast?

So, will fans get to see Fessy and Cory reunite on MTV’s The Challenge Season 37? It seems like it’s going to happen. Rumored cast listings include Nelson Thomas, Nam Vo, Devin Walker, Fessy Shafaat, Cory Wharton, Josh Martinez, Kyle Christie, and CT Tamburello for the returning men. This means we’ll see plenty of tension between Fessy, Cory, and Nelson in the future.

As for the women, returning players are rumored to include Nany Gonzalez, Tori Deal, Ashley Mitchell, Big T Fazakerley, Aneesa Ferreira, and Kaycee Clark. Amanda Garcia from past seasons will also allegedly join the cast.

We’re excited to hear more about season 37 as new details emerge. For now, we’re tuning into The Challenge: All Stars on Paramount+ to watch old fan favorites battle it out for $500,000.

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