‘The Challenge’: Dee Nguyen Was Allegedly Jealous of Another Contestant Having a Close Relationship With Wes Bergmann

This season of The Challenge took a serious downward turn after Dee Nguyen took to Twitter to share racially-charged messages during the Black Lives Matter movement. While Nguyen’s known for causing controversy, she took things way too far and got herself fired from MTV. Now, fellow castmembers are giving their perspective on what she was like on the show.

Nguyen had a very close relationship with Wes Bergmann, as he taught her how to play the game from her first season. And fellow Total Madness player Bayleigh Dayton told the Challenge Mania podcast that Nguyen was actually jealous of the working relationship she maintained with Bergmann. Here’s what Dayton said.

Dee Nguyen and Wes Bergmann had a close relationship

Nguyen has only been on The Challenge for a few seasons, but thanks to Bergmann, she’s managed to learn the ins and outs of gameplay quite quickly.

She and Bergmann were teamed up on War of the Worlds, and they maintained an allyship through Total Madness. Unfortunately, Johnny “Bananas” Devenanzio thinks Nguyen isn’t nearly as cunning and crafty as Bergmann. After witnessing Nguyen’s gameplay for a few seasons, he concluded she’s a ‘messy’ player who’s not nearly as slick as the one who taught her.

“She basically tries to play the same game as [Bergmann], she’s just not as good at it,” Devenanzio shared with the Challenge Mania podcast. “Dee’s messy. Her game is just messy. … She enjoys the camera being on her way too much. She just doesn’t have the same ability, she’s way messier.”

Bergmann helped Nguyen after she was fired from MTV

Nguyen shared racially-insensitive tweets that got her in major trouble with MTV. After some back and forth with fellow competitors Bayleigh Dayton and Chris “Swaggy C” Williams, MTV caught on to what was happening. And they announced on social media that Nguyen would not return to the network.

Nguyen was living in one of Bergmann’s places at the time, as she was doing charity work for his “Friends and Benefits” Patreon web series. And he announced on Twitter that he was kicking her out — but he later explained the full extent of how he was also helping her through this difficult process.

“Dee was basically my daughter,” Bergmann wrote on Twitter. “I made the decision to ask her to leave in less than an hour. This public decision is what the world needed & deserved. But it doesn’t stop my grieving.”

Bergmann then detailed how he helped Nguyen find mental health assistance so she can be supported before she “eventually leaves” and most likely heads back to her home country of Australia.

Bayleigh Dayton said Nguyen was jealous that she also worked with Bergmann


‘The Challenge’: Bayleigh Dayton Revealed Dee Nguyen Sent Her Messages That ‘Weren’t Very Nice’ After Getting Fired

Firing aside, it seems there was a ton of tension between Nguyen and the other competitors during Total Madness. And Dayton told the Challenge Mania podcast that Nguyen grew quite jealous.

“Dee is very territorial, so she was more jealous. She was like, ‘I’m Wes’s No. 1, you’re not.’ And I’m like, ‘Honey, I’m not competing with you. I already have a No. 1 in the game. You need to get your mind in the game and actually realize you have more numbers now. Don’t make it a competition,'” Dayton explained.

Dayton also noted that she thought Nguyen’s feelings were hurt when she discovered Dayton and her husband actually knew Bergmann outside of The Challenge. “And then when she realized that we actually knew Wes in real life, it kind of hurt her feelings, because she had never met Wes’ wife or done that stuff. It was just too personal, too up close,” Dayton added.

It doesn’t look like Dayton and Nguyen are talking to each other at all these days. And we’ll have to wait and see where Nguyen and Bergmann stand.

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