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The Challenge: Total Madness is heating up with drama — and all eyes are on Jenna Compono. In episode 6, Compono gave her boyfriend Zach Nichols, quite a few rings — and she later learned from her friend that Nichols had been going through her direct messages from two years ago. Ultimately, we saw a catastrophic fight occur between Nichols and Compono, and it left Compono wondering if she should quit the whole game.

We know Compono and Nichols have since made up, as the two are now engaged. And fellow Challenge competitor Jordan Wiseley is rooting for their relationship. Unfortunately, fans think Wiseley should stay out of their business. Here’s what fans are saying.

Zach Nichols exhibited some disturbing behavior toward Jenna Compono on ‘Total Madness’

We’ve seen plenty of relationships die thanks to the drama on The Challenge. As for Nichols and Compono, they met on the show, so we’ve seen their relationship from the beginning until now. They’ve had serious ups and downs and have broken up multiple times, but they always find their way back to each other. And on more than one occasion, fans have shown concern for Compono, as Nichols has seemingly cheated on her and treated her poorly throughout their romance.

In episode 6 of Total Madness, Compono had a conversation with Nichols that escalated quickly. Nichols told Compono that he found direct messages she sent to other men two years ago, and he accused her of cheating on him. Compono maintains that the messages he found were sent while they weren’t dating.

“When Zach and I were on a break, obviously we saw other people,” Compono told the cameras. “Did I leave out some details? Of course. No boyfriend wants to hear that.”

Nichols still didn’t fully believe Compono, however, and this led him to ask if she would come home. Thankfully, Compono decided to remain in the game.

Jordan Wiseley told Compono and Nichols he’s ‘proud’ of them

Compono and Nichols were able to work out their differences, of course, and they appear happier than ever. Unfortunately, after episode 6 aired, Compono has been spending much of her time defending her decision to stay with Nichols.

On May 4, she posted an explanation of what occurred to her Twitter. “There are no issues here,” Compono wrote. “This fight was months ago in reality and we have moved past it and are happier than ever.” Despite it all, fans are still reminding her that she has to defend Nichols’ behavior every season, and it’s getting tiresome to watch.

It looks like Challenge star Wiseley is still a fan of Nichols and Compono as a couple, though. On May 7, Nichols posted a photo of him and Jenna to his Instagram, and it’s the same photo and caption as Compono has on hers. To that, Wiseley commented, “Proud of you both.”

Wiseley is getting major backlash for his comment

Wiseley’s comment isn’t sitting well with a lot of Challenge fans. Many wrote back to Wiseley on Nichols’ Instagram to share their discontent.

One follower commented, “you’re Proud of Zach’s immature, manipulative, selfish behavior?”

Yet another added, “of course you’d be ‘proud’ of Zach. He’s toxic, manipulative and literally humiliated Jenna on national TV. You don’t have to speak out against this but don’t enable this behavior either.”

Another even questioned Wiseley’s treatment of his fiancée, Tori Deal. Deal and Wiseley met on the show, too, and many wonder how their relationship really is, especially if Wiseley is supporting Nichols’ behavior.

“And actually i ‘heard’ too, by other cast members who have spoke out about how Jordan talks to Tori, and if you’ve watched past seasons, you would see it yourself how Jordan speaks to the girls he dates/dated,” the follower commented.

We’re hoping Compono and Nichols really are happy now and that Nichols is treating Compono right. As for Wiseley, he might want to stay out of this one.

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