‘The Challenge’ Host T.J. Lavin Talked About the Crew’s ‘Dysfunction’: Nobody ‘Instantly Fits’

Fans of MTV’s The Challenge are well-acquainted with host T.J. Lavin. Lavin hosted many seasons of the show, and he’s also talked about his experiences with the cast and crew. It seems it’s not always easy being part of the crew, either. Here’s what he had to say about the crew’s “dysfunction” and what it’s like trying to mesh with the group.

How long has T.J. Lavin been the host of ‘The Challenge’? He continued on to host ‘All Stars’

T.J. Lavin, the host of MTV's 'The Challenge,' smiling at an event
T.J. Lavin, the host of MTV’s ‘The Challenge’ | Ethan Miller/Getty Images for Studio 54

MTV’s The Challenge wouldn’t be the same without host T.J. Lavin. He began hosting the show in its 11th season, The Gauntlet II. Since then, he’s returned for every season of the MTV show since, and he also hosted the debut season of The Challenge: All Stars on Paramount+.

Prior to becoming a reality TV host, Lavin was known for his incredible skills as a BMX rider. He went pro at 19 years old and competed in several X Games competitions, winning three gold, three bronze, and two silver medals. Unfortunately, Lavin took a serious spill in Oct. 2010, resulting in a medically-induced coma. He fully recovered and still has a deep appreciation for the sport.

So, how did he become the face of The Challenge? He befriended MTV production executive Vinnie Potestivo, and the rest is history. Prior to Lavin taking over the gig, fellow BMX rider Dave Mirra hosted the show and gave Lavin his blessing.

T.J. Lavin said none of the crew members ‘instantly fit’ with the rest

Since joining MTV’s The Challenge as the host, Lavin’s seen his fair share of wild contestant moments. While he loves and appreciates many of the returning veteran players, he finds himself most connected with the crew.

“It’s an interesting dynamic because I’m kind of the liaison between the crew and the cast, and I’m also part of both — kind of cast, kind of crew,” he explained on the Watch With Us: Challenge Edition podcast, according to Us Weekly.

Lavin then went on to explain the crew’s dynamic. Everyone on the production team works extraordinarily hard to make sure the show runs smoothly, but nobody “instantly fits” with everyone else at first.

“The crew is one big dysfunctional family now, but we function pretty good!” Lavin further explained. “We’re all after the same common goal and everybody gets along great. There are no idiots on the crew because it’s crazy, but you’re living together for a couple of months. The people that don’t really fit into the crew get weeded out real fast. I don’t think there’s ever been anybody that, that just instantly fit.”

Is ‘The Challenge’ Season 37 hosted by T.J. Lavin?

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So, will Lavin return to host MTV’s The Challenge Season 37? MTV hasn’t made any official announcements about the next season just yet, but it’s clear veteran players from the previous seasons are gearing up for it. Additionally, plenty of rumors are swirling regarding the new cast and new themes.

As for The Challenge: All Stars, it sounds like a second season is also in the works for the Paramount+ series. A former Real World star confirmed season 2. Considering how much fans adored the first season, it’s no surprise the show is likely coming back for another round.

We can’t wait to see what’s in store for The Challenge in the future — and we certainly hope Lavin stays a part of it.

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