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The Challenge star Josh Martinez has yet to reach the finals in his five consecutive seasons. Regardless, he’s become a favorite. In a recent interview, the Big Brother star revealed the one challenge he wishes he could redo.

Josh Martinez wishes he could redo his rookie season of ‘The Challenge’

After competing on The Challenge for five straight seasons, Josh Martinez didn’t return for Ride or Dies. Although he initially planned to compete, his pitched partner Da’Vonne Rogers had to drop out at the last second, forcing him into alternate status.

Although it upset him, Josh recently admitted it was a blessing in disguise during his appearance on MTV’s Official Challenge Podcast. Speaking to hosts Devyn Simone, an alum, and Da’Vonne, the Big Brother star discussed how he felt he would have performed in Ride or Dies, the “vacation alliance,” and his experience on the show.

When asked about any challenge he wished he could do again, Josh named his rookie season War of the Worlds. The reality TV star knew about the hype surrounding him as he recently came off his historic Big Brother victory but let them down by getting eliminated during the premiere episode.

He admits he might have let the excitement “fry” his mind and inadvertently put pressure on him, resulting in a lousy performance. Therefore, Josh would like to erase that from his Challenge record book if given a chance. The hosts noted they thought he would have named the elimination loss to Jordan Wiseley in War of the Worlds 2, which consisted of a tug-of-war type challenge, as the one he would redo. However, Josh claimed he didn’t regret it because it resulted in a newfound respect for Jordan.

What happened with Ashley Martinez and Josh on ‘The Challenge?’

Shortly before the Spies, Lies, and Allies finals, host TJ Lavin informed the cast that two-time champ Ashley Mitchell would not return to the game because she broke the show’s rules.

He didn’t clarify the incident but spoiler accounts insisted it had to do something with a comment Ashley made during an argument with Josh.

The Big Brother winner spoke about the situation during a December 2022 live episode of Challenge Mania.

He confirmed that Ashley said something “low” and thought the network should have aired the incident. Additionally, he claimed he wanted her to return for another season.

What season of ‘The Challenge’ is Josh Martinez on?

Shortly following his Big Brother win, the Florida native made his debut on The Challenge Season 33’s War of the Worlds.

Although he got eliminated during the premiere episode, he quickly returned as a replacement and teamed up with Amanda Garcia. They won an elimination together but were quickly eliminated.


‘The Challenge’: Josh Martinez Detailed the Origin of the ‘Vacation Alliance’

He returned for War of the Worlds 2, where he made it further as part of the dominant Team USA but failed to make it to the finals. Josh lasted a little longer in Total Madness. However, he had the same fate.

The reality star could not make the finals again in Double Agents, although he did secure his first elimination victory. Most recently, Josh competed in last season’s Spies, Lies, and Allies, where his game was cut short before the finals for a fifth time.