‘The Challenge’: Laterrian Wallace Says He’s ‘Retired’ — ‘All Stars’ Season 2 Caused Him to Have Nightmares About MJ Garrett


  • Laterrian Wallace returned for the first 2 seasons of The Challenge: All Stars.
  • Although he failed to make the finals, he became a fan-favorite after a couple of dominating wins.
  • But, season 2 of All Stars left him having nightmares, leading him to announce he is officially retired.
The Challenge: All Stars Laterrian Wallace in his official photo from the show
Laterrian Wallace | James Dimmock/Paramount+

The Challenge: All Stars spinoff has given fans the chance to revisit some of their favorite competitors from the past. But for some of those OG Road Rules and Real World cast members, the All Stars experience hasn’t been all it’s cracked up to be.

Laterrian Wallace returned for the first two seasons of All Stars, but he now says that’s it for him on the reality competition series. The All Stars‘ fan-favorite recently announced that he’s retired from the show, while revealing that season 2 caused him to have nightmares about MJ Garrett.

‘All Stars’ Laterrian Wallace’s career on ‘The Challenge’ began in 2001

Laterrian made his MTV debut back in 2000 when he appeared on Road Rules: Maximum Velocity Tour, along with Theo von Kurnatowski. Both Laterrian and Theo moved on to The Challenge the following year when it was known as Extreme Challenge.

That season featured a Real World team against a Road Rules team, and Laterrian reached the finals. But, it was the Real World team that got the win. He later returned for Battle of the Sexes, and made his final MTV Challenge appearance on The Gauntlet.

Laterrian waited until 2021 to make his return as an OG cast member on the spinoff The Challenge: All Stars on Paramount+. During the first two seasons, the 44-year-old won several physical eliminations and a few dailies. However, he failed to make it to the finals in either season.

He says he’s ‘retired’ and having nightmares about MJ Garrett

The premiere date for All Stars season 3 was just announced, but fans shouldn’t expect to see Laterrian in the cast this time around. Even though he’s a strong competitor and has the makings of a champion, Laterrian recently revealed on MTV’s Official Challenge Podcast — hosted by Aneesa Ferreira and Tori Deal — that he has officially retired.

He made the retirement comment when Aneesa said that Laterrian and Laurel Stucky would make a great team if they were ever on the same show.

“Oh, I’m retired, Aneesa. I’m done, honey,” Laterrian said, before adding he was having nightmares about a castmate.

“It’s crazy because like the competitor in me, right? And this is more so after Season 2 than Season 1. I literally was having nightmares and stuff. It was messing with me mentally, like being there and then coming home. And although MJ [Garrett] and I are very cool now and friends, I literally woke up from a nightmare punching my pillow thinking it was MJ and it was just from a dream.”

Laterrian Wallace doesn’t want fans of ‘The Challenge: All Stars’ to see his aggressive side

Laterrian said that he wasn’t sure if he needed therapy after All Stars season 2. But, he was sure that it was time to hang up his “Challenge shoes” and do something else with his life. He explained that even though it’s a game, the show messes with him when he has to vote against a friend. Or, when he’s not part of an alliance with friends.

He also confessed that not making the finals in seasons 1 and 2 bothered the competitor part of him. And he told Pop Culture that he doesn’t really like the world seeing his aggressive and frustrated side.

“When I get to be in the arena and it’s something like Pole Wrestle, then I get to blackout and I just get to take all that pent-up aggression and frustration and go to work. And I really don’t like the world to see that side of me. I really don’t… I mean, you’ll see in season two. And I’ve had time to think about it, I just don’t want the world to see that side of me anymore.”

Season 3 of The Challenge: All Stars premieres May 11 on Paramount+.

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