‘The Challenge’: Morgan Willett Tweeted About Jenny West’s ‘Girl Power’ Despite Rumors of West and Johnny ‘Bananas’ Devenanzio Hooking Up

The Challenge: Total Madness has come to an end, and fans have mixed feelings about the results. Johnny “Bananas” Devenanzio took home his seventh win, and Jenny West took her first. While the two competitors fiercely duked it out, there are persistent rumors that they had a fling while filming.

It looks like Devenanzio’s girlfriend, Morgan Willett, is unbothered by the rumors, though. She tweeted a congratulatory message to West despite everything that’s being said.

Johnny ‘Bananas’ Devenanzio and Jenny West took home the win on ‘The Challenge: Total Madness’

Johnny Devenanzio (L) and Morgan Willett (R)
Johnny Devenanzio (L) and Morgan Willett (R) | Paul Archuleta/FilmMagic

Devenanzio and West didn’t have an easy road to the Total Madness final. They both competed in multiple elimination rounds throughout the season, and they fought hard to beat out their competitors in the end. While Devenanzio is known for slaying the competition, everyone was surprised when West actually was the first-place winner and beat him on his time.

Devenanzio spoke to the Chicks in the Office podcast about West’s incredible performance in the final. He noted that, usually, competitors with muscles have a tough time when it comes to the endurance that a final requires.”A lot of the times what you see is people when they have more muscle mass, that affects them when it comes to their endurance levels,” he said. “She’d never run a final before. So I was even a little bit kind of questioning her.”

In the end though, Devenanzio admits West’s pace was “blistering” and impressive.

Rumors persisted that Devenanzio cheated on Morgan Willett with West

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Devenanzio went into Total Madness dating Morgan Willett. Willett tried her hand at The Challenge when competing on War of the Worlds which is how she met Devenanzio. They’ve been together ever since — though it seems there are rumors that Devenanzio and West hooked up.

Sources close to the show claimed West and Devenanzio were caught getting a little too cozy on multiple occasions. And Dee Nguyen also allegedly noticed this. She allegedly called Willett to tell her about what was going on between Devenanzio and West, too. Willett then allegedly confronted Devenanzio about West through a phone conversation.

Fans didn’t see any of this go down on Total Madness. Since Nguyen was at the center of the controversy here, MTV may have cut it all out after she was fired, as they did this with her other scenes. And others believe MTV removed the drama to protect Devenanzio’s image.

Willett tweeted a congratulations to West despite the rumors

Whatever happened, it seems it’s all water under the bridge for Willett and Devenanzio now. The two are still together and seem happier than ever. And Willett even extended congratulations to West while also giving the winner a shoutout for her “girl power.”

“Can’t think of two more deserving winners!!! (@JenniferWestOf1 you are a BEAST. Talk about girl power) #challenge35,” Willett tweeted on July 15.

Many loved Willett’s shoutout, but others took the time to remind her of the rumored hook up.

“They were legit hooking up,” one fan commented.

“She literally slept with your man every night,” another added.

“Your man was bangin her the entire time ‘talk about girl power,'” yet another noted.

We’re hoping the rumors are just rumors and Devenanzio and Willett can continue their relationship in peace. The truth always comes out eventually, so we’ll have to wait and see what else arises.

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