‘The Challenge’: Why Fans Can Expect To See Natalie Anderson Return for Another Season

Survivor champ Natalie Anderson entered MTV’s The Challenge as one of the most formidable rookies and biggest threats. After earning her gold skull at the first elimination, she seemed poised to go the distance, even winning the competition. However, she withdrew and went home following an unexpected pregnancy. Will the New Jersey-based CrossFit coach return for another season? Fans should expect so.

Natalie Anderson on the three-hour season finale episode of 'Survivor: Winners at War'
Natalie Anderson on the three-hour season finale episode of ‘Survivor: Winners at War’ | CBS

Natalie Anderson competed on ‘The Challenge 36’ as a rookie

After placing as a finalist on CBS’ The Amazing Race and two stints on Survivor, winning one and finishing runner-up in the other, Natalie Anderson tried her hand at MTV’s The Challenge.

Although a rookie, she was a hot commodity as several other players wanted to work with her when they found out they were competing as pairs. It came down to four-time champ Darrell Taylor, and two-time winner Wes Bergmann and Anderson chose the latter.

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In a confessional, she explained she thought they would work better as a pair due to their personalities, and she felt he had the connections in the house she didn’t have.

However, the choice worked against her as she landed in the first elimination due to the lack of strong relationships Bergmann had in the house.

Anderson had to quit due to an unexpected pregnancy

She and her partner were blindsided by then-double agents Fessy Shafaat and Aneesa Ferreira, who were targeting CT Tamburello. However, it ended up a female elimination, and Anderson had to face off against two-time champ Ashley Mitchell.

The rookie came out on top and received her gold skull, but they ended up in elimination again two weeks later, where Bergmann had to compete. He couldn’t pull out the win, leaving Anderson to pair with Cory Wharton.

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Although they seemed like they could be a threat, the Survivor champ had to withdraw from the competition. Following the airing of the episode, Anderson revealed why she left.

She explained she found out she was pregnant and went home to figure out her next steps. Unfortunately, the reality star miscarried shortly after returning home.

Why Anderson will likely return for another season of ‘The Challenge’

During an ET Canada interview, the New Jersey native addressed her possible return to the competitive franchise. The CrossFit coach implied she hadn’t received a casting call yet for next season but noted she likely wouldn’t have returned if she won Double Agents.

Additionally, Anderson jokingly claimed it’s difficult for her to turn down an invitation to return because she believes she’s “too good” and will probably win the cash prize if she doesn’t “mess up.”

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The Survivor star likely would’ve competed in the finals if not won the entire competition this season if she didn’t leave because she already received her gold skull. Additionally, the other players probably would’ve avoided going into elimination against her.

Anderson, who is also a fan-favorite, will likely return for another season of the show at some point. The Challenge 36 airs Wednesdays at 8/7 Central on MTV.