‘The Challenge’ Season 37: How CT Tamburello Secretly Started the Veteran Super Alliance

Fans keeping up with MTV’s The Challenge Season 37 spoilers know the veteran super alliance continues to thrive. Spies, Lies, and Allies features 17 U.S. players with 17 international contestants, and the game started with more rookies than vets. This put the rookies in a great position to take over — but it seems the veteran alliance continues to stay strong. And according to Josh Martinez, it’s CT Tamburello who originally put the alliance together.

[Spoiler alert: MTV’s The Challenge Season 37 spoilers ahead regarding episodes 1 and 2, and who wins the game.]

MTV’s ‘The Challenge’ Season 37 spoilers suggested a veteran super alliance takes charge

A number of veteran players signed up to compete on MTV’s The Challenge Season 37. But right from the start, they were outnumbered by the rookie players. This meant that the veterans had to stick together from the beginning. While a number of seasoned players can’t stand each other, they knew their only way to the end was to vote as a unit. So far, that’s exactly how they’ve played the game.

In episode 1, Michaela Bradshaw and Renan Hellemans became the house vote after Michaela put a target on her back with an alleged “list” of tough competitors to vote out of the game. Aneesa Ferreira and Logan Sampedro then voted in rookie pair Michele Fitzgerald and Corey Lay. Michaela and Renan were sent home.

In episode 2, Fessy Shafaat and Josh Martinez targeted Kelz Dyke and Tracy Candela. Fessy then threw Emy Alupei and Ed Eason against the pairing. Ed and Emy sent Kelz and Tracy home after winning the elimination.

CT Tamburello is allegedly responsible for the veteran alliance

Wes Bergmann and CT Tamburello from MTV's 'The Challenge' Season 37 laughing on a couch together
Wes Bergmann and CT Tamburello at MTV’s ‘The Challenge: Rivals II’ final episode and reunion party | Mike Coppola/Getty Images

The veteran players in MTV’s The Challenge Season 37 have never before been able to orchestrate such coordinated efforts to remove the rookies. So, how did they do it this time? According to Josh, CT, the winner of Double Agents and one of the most well-known returning players, coordinated the alliance.

“It actually happened in New York while we were filming the [Double Agents] reunion,” Josh told the Watch With Us podcast, according to Us Weekly. “We were in the city and we were partying for, like, three days. CT kind of set it off in the reunion. He’s like, ‘We had such a good reunion.’ It was, like, one of the first ones where we were all on a good page. And he was like, ‘I think the vets should keep this going into the next season.’”

Josh then noted the whole crew “partied” that night for Cory Wharton’s birthday — and this solidified the alliance. “And we were literally all hammered, and we’re like, ‘Yeah, let’s do this.’ It was, like, an unspoken thing, but we all agreed that we would have each others’ back.”

Does a veteran player become ‘The Challenge’ Season 37 winner?


‘The Challenge’ Season 37: Lauren Coogan Said She Can ‘Choose’ to Join Another Season

According to spoilers via Reddit, it’s no surprise who becomes MTV’s The Challenge Season 37 winner. Rumors suggest CT takes the title for the men, and Kaycee Clark takes it for the women.

Both Kaycee and CT made it to the finals for Double Agents. While CT made it all the way to the end and won the game, Kaycee had an injury that affected her performance. Not only that, but her teammate, Fessy, had a hard time getting through the eating challenge.

It seems Kaycee redeems herself and CT is able to slide under the radar straight to the finish. Spoilers note CT doesn’t even face an elimination. He allegedly uses his fantastic social gameplay to get to the end and win it all.

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