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  • The Challenge Season 37 spoilers: Why does Fessy go home?
  • Is Fessy banned?
  • Who wins The Challenge Season 37?

[Spoiler alert: The Challenge Season 37 spoilers ahead regarding Fessy Shafaat and the winner of the season.]

Fessy Shafaat from MTV's 'The Challenge' Season 37 sitting on a couch and laughing
Fessy Shafaat from MTV’s ‘The Challenge’ | Monty Brinton/CBS via Getty Images

Viewers watching MTV’s The Challenge Season 37 Episode 7 saw a major meltdown happen between two veteran players — Fessy Shafaat and Josh Martinez. The best friends started out in an alliance thanks to their previous time on Big Brother. Unfortunately, their scuffle in episode 7 left them in tears, shock, and anger. So, is Fessy Shafaat banned from the show after what occurred? Here are the latest The Challenge Season 37 spoilers.

‘The Challenge’ Season 37 spoilers: Does Fessy Shafaat go home on ‘The Challenge’?

Fans watching MTV’s The Challenge Season 37 watched the conflict brewing between Fessy and Josh. The two cast members started off in an alliance together thanks to their previous time on Big Brother, but that quickly crumbled when Fessy decided to throw Amber Borzotra into an elimination. Amber was also part of the Big Brother crew, but she and Fessy notoriously haven’t gotten along since season 36.

Then, in The Challenge Season 37 Episode 7, the conflict heats up. Fessy and Amber get involved in an argument, and Josh joins the verbal fight. Security for the show also gets involved, and it all ends when Fessy’s hand makes contact with Josh’s face. According to The Challenge Season 37 spoilers, the next day, Fessy is sent home by host T.J. Lavin for getting into a physical altercation. Josh and Esther Agunbiade, Fessy’s partner who threw a drink in Amber’s face, were let off with warnings.

Is Fessy Shafaat banned from returning?

So, is Fessy banned from returning to MTV after what occurred? Some fans suspect as much after his Instagram apology.

“I would like to thank the network for giving me an opportunity to showcase my abilities,” Fessy captioned his Instagram post on Sept. 22, 2021. “Obviously, this is not how I wanted to go out but I take full responsibility for my actions. I consider myself a composed individual but it should’ve never escalated to this point and it’s on me at the end of the day.”

“This feels like he’s signing off of The Challenge,” a Reddit user pointed out. “Is he done?”

“He probably thinks he might be banned since there was a rumor that people would face a two-season ban if they got physical (this rule isn’t true though),” another Reddit user noted.

While some fans following The Challenge Season 37 spoilers may notice Fessy possibly taking a season or two off, it’s unlikely he’s totally done. Additional Reddit users noted Fessy recently talked to Johnny “Bananas” Devenanzio on his podcast about his future with the show, and he noted he’s not finished with the show yet.

“He was on Bananas’ Ringer podcast last week,” another Reddit user wrote. “He’s not done. I could see him taking a season off, but he’s not done.”

Who wins ‘The Challenge’ Season 37?

CT Tamburello and T.J. Lavin from MTV's 'The Challenge' Season 37 standing next to each other at an event against a dark background. 'The Challenge' Season 37 spoilers note CT wins.
CT Tamburello and T.J. Lavin from MTV’s ‘The Challenge’ | Steven Lawton/WireImage

‘The Challenge’ Season 37: Josh Martinez Yelling at Fessy Shafaat Might Be His Smartest Strategic Move Yet

With the veteran alliance absolutely dominating The Challenge: Spies, Lies, and Allies, it’s safe to assume the rookies have no shot at winning. So, who wins The Challenge Season 37? According to The Challenge Season 37 spoilers, CT Tamburello takes home the win for the men, and Kaycee Clark wins for the women.

Kaycee is part of the Big Brother alliance, and she and Fessy made it to the final together last season. It seems she has a knack for the game and continues to play well. Additionally, CT won season 36 with Amber by his side, so he’s remained a clear frontrunner all along.

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