‘The Challenge’ Season 37: Tori Deal Visited Emanuel Neagu in Romania and Drank With His Grandmother

Fans saw a number of budding romances on MTV’s The Challenge Season 37. Tori Deal and Emanuel Neagu didn’t immediately connect on a romantic level, but as they progressed through the game, they got closer and closer. By the end of the show, Tori was sad to see Emanuel go right before the final. But she said she traveled to Romania to visit him and his grandmother.

Tori Deal and Emanuel Neagu had a close relationship throughout ‘The Challenge’ Season 37

Tori Deal from MTV's 'The Challenge' Season 37 and Mikala Thomas
Tori Deal and Mikala Thomas | Ryan Liu/FilmMagic

Tori Deal entered The Challenge Season 37 single. While she hoped to keep her head in the game, she expressed early attraction to a few rookie players — and one of them was Survivor Romania player Emanuel Neagu. Emanuel and fellow rookie player Michele Fitzerald were also romantically linked at the start, but once Michele went home, Emanuel and Tori connected on a deep level.

Unfortunately, Tori’s connection with Emanuel nearly cost her her friendship with Devin Walker. During the final elimination, Emanuel and Devin went head to head in a puzzle challenge. Tori began helping Emanuel despite having her best friend, Devin, competing against him.

While speaking on MTV’s Official Challenge Podcast, Tori spoke about her close connection to Emanuel and how she “downplayed it” through the season. “On that little a** bunk, we would cuddle every night,” she said. “He and I, we had such a close bond. I think I really downplayed it. But, the truth is, we were the only two people in that room at that time.”

Tori Deal said she visited Emanuel Neagu in Romania and met his grandmother

During The Challenge Season 37 reunion, Tori Deal and Emanuel Neagu addressed where their relationship stands now. While many fans expected them to go their separate ways after the season ended, they kept in touch. And eagle-eyed fans noticed Tori visited Emanuel in his home country, Romania.

“I went to go see him,” Tori admitted. “I mean, I had the best time. I met his grandma who doesn’t speak English. Got wasted with her. He translated the entire conversation. So yeah, we had such a great time. We haven’t seen each other since then.”

So, will Emanuel go to the States to visit Tori? “I’m planning to go to the States, so, of course, I’m gonna visit her,” he told the host of the reunion.

Are Emanuel Neagu and Tori Deal dating after ‘The Challenge’ Season 37?

Are Emanuel Neagu and Tori Deal dating now that The Challenge Season 37 has ended? While it seems like the two are certainly sustaining some type of relationship moving forward, it doesn’t seem too serious. Tori mentioned on her podcast that she still speaks to Emanuel regularly, but given how they can only see each other with relative infrequency, we doubt they have a serious relationship going on. Additionally, neither Tori nor Emanuel consistently posts about the other on social media. It seems likely they’re keeping their relationship and friendship out of the public spotlight.

Not only that, but Tori might still be relishing the single life after her breakup from Jordan Wiseley. Jordan and Tori got engaged on The Challenge and publicly ended their relationship. The publicity brought a lot of negative attention to both of them.

We hope to see Tori and Emanuel join The Challenge Season 38 cast!

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