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MTV’s The Challenge Season 39 features multiple showmances, and Michele Fitzgerald and Callum Izzard grow closer each week. While Michele and Callum seem like a fun couple, rumors suggest Callum had a girlfriend at home while he competed on the show. Michele commented on Instagram, saying she feels “absolutely sick” over it.

‘The Challenge’ Season 39 star Michele Fitzgerald says she feels ‘sick’ over her showmance with Callum Izzard

MTV’s The Challenge Season 39, Battle for a New Champion, wouldn’t be complete without several showmances. Nurys Mateo and Horacio Gutiérrez Jr. are coupling up, as are James Lock and Moriah Jadea. And Callum Izzard is smitten with Survivor winner Michele Fitzgerald.

Unfortunately, rumors suggest Callum had a girlfriend waiting for him back home. He infamously dated The Only Way Is Essex star Ella Rae Wise in the recent past. Before dating Ella, he was engaged to Love Island’s Georgia Steel, but they split after seven months. Callum and Ella reportedly broke up in December 2022 after just a few months of dating. Callum called Ella a “clout chaser,” according to The Sun, and he noted he was ready to get “back to being a player.”

“Sneaky links only. For the first time after Georgia, I thought I was finally ready for a relationship. I tried it, and this is what happened, so I’m going back to being a player again,” he said.

It’s unclear who Callum was dating during The Challenge Season 39 filming. But Michele isn’t happy about the rumors.

“I know Michele is sick rewatching this knowing he had a girlfriend back home the whole time,” a fan commented on Instagram.

“Absolutely sick,” Michele responded.


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Michele Fitzgerald told fans she had ‘no idea’ about Callum Izzard’s girlfriend

The Challenge Season 39 shows Callum Izzard and Michele Fitzgerald’s intimate showmance. But now that filming is done, Michele is ready to defend herself. A clip posted to YouTube shows Michele sitting down at dinner in a restaurant with other Challenge competitors, like Olivia Kaiser. Fans surround their large table, with one person echoing Michele’s responses through a microphone.

“I had no idea,” Michele says regarding Callum. “I feel like a fool.”

While Michele seems hurt by Callum’s actions, Olivia takes the microphone and tells the fans, “She doesn’t give a f***.”

A preview for episode 7 shows their showmance heating up

While Michele Fitzgerald and Callum Izzard clearly aren’t seeing each other anymore, The Challenge Season 39 shows the peak of their showmance. In episode 7, Callum says he’s “head over heels” for her, according to a clip posted to Instagram.

“With Michele, I’m pretty much head over heels,” Callum says as a clip of them kissing in a hot tub plays. He then says that hooking up with Michele helps his game. “My U.S. people trust me now because of Michele. I’ve also got my U.K. people. I don’t want to seem sly or sneaky, but I’ve got my fingers in all the pies right now.”

The Challenge: Battle for a New Champion airs Wednesdays at 8 p.m. ET on MTV.

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