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MTV’s The Challenge Season 39 Episode 8 is here, and fans are excited to see which veteran champion enters the arena next. The previous episode showed Devin Walker’s return, and he took out Callum Izzard, deeply upsetting Michele Fitzgerald. So, who heads home next? Here are The Challenge Season 39 spoilers regarding the next elimination.

[Spoiler alert: The Challenge Season 39 spoilers ahead regarding episode 8.]

‘The Challenge’ Season 39 spoilers: Who goes home in episode 8?

The Challenge Season 39 Season 8 spoilers note there’s trouble ahead for a familiar face. Big T Fazakerley has had her fair share of eliminations so far this season, but spoilers suggest she heads back into the arena. She competes against veteran mercenary Kaycee Clark, and Kaycee beats her, sending her home. Additional spoilers note that Kaycee and Big T compete in a pole wrestling competition.

Kaycee has proven to be a Challenge beast in past seasons, especially regarding physical eliminations. We’d never expect Big T to pull out a win in pole wrestling despite her past two wins against Kaz Crossley and Jessica Brody this season. However, additional spoilers note that Big T wins a round against Kaycee, so Kaycee might not win as easily as we think. Kaycee also reportedly felt sad about competing against Big T, proving she didn’t choose to go against Big T in the elimination.

Melissa Reeves and Big T are both outcasts this season — and it looks like Melissa might head into elimination during the following episode. She reportedly goes head-to-head with veteran mercenary Tori Deal, giving fans two women’s eliminations back-to-back. The next male competitor to head into elimination is Kyland Young.


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A sneak peek shows Big T Fazakerley speaking to veteran player Kyle Christie

The Challenge Season 39 Episode 8 spoilers point to Big T Fazakerley’s end in the game. And the sneak peek for the episode also hints that this is the end of the road for the star. A clip from the episode shows her on a video call with fellow veteran player Kyle Christie and his infant son, Crew. Kyle is rooting for Big T despite the other players in the house wanting her out.

“It feels amazing seeing Kyle,” Big T explains to the camera, according to the clip posted to Reddit. “I miss him in the house. This is my first season without him here.”

Big T then tells Kyle she’s in the most minor alliance possible, just her and Melissa Reeves. Kyle tells her that he would help protect her if he was there.

“Having my name flown around time and time again, it is slowly hacking away at my confidence,” Big T adds. “I am feeling very low and very insecure. I feel like people don’t want me in this game. Melissa and Big T taking on the rest of the house.”

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The Challenge: Battle for a New Champion airs Wednesdays at 8 p.m. ET on MTV.

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