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Fans of The Challenge are ready to hear more about season 36, as Total Madness is officially over. And Theo Campbell wasn’t a part of season 35 due to a freak accident involving a champagne cork. Campbell’s kept his followers updated on his condition since 2019 — and he’s now given one update in July 2020. Here’s what’s going on.

Theo Campbell from ‘The Challenge’ was involved in a freak accident with a champagne cork

Campbell was a force to be reckoned with in past seasons of The Challenge. His height, endurance, and alliances got him extremely far on both War of the Worlds and War of the Worlds 2, and fans were excited to see more of him on the show. Unfortunately, he was involved in a freak accident that changed the course of his future in 2019.

Back in August 2019, he posted a photo of himself in a hospital bed with his girlfriend at the time — and the image showed him with an eye patch over his right eye.

“So yeah basically 2 eye surgeries later after a really unfortunate accident, I’ve lost all vision in my right eye as it got split in half, who would have thought a champagne cork would be the end of me,” he captioned the post. “But I still have 1 eye left, looking at the bright side of things. Thanks for flying out to look after me as well babe ♥️♥️♥️ if anyone knows where sells cool eye patches let me know.”

A witness to the event talked of the horrifying details as well. “Theo was on holiday in Ibiza enjoying himself when someone popped a bottle of champagne and the cork flew into his eye,” BBC reports a witness told OK! “People were screaming when they realized what happened and saw the state of his eye. One of the guys said it looked like his eye had exploded.”

Campbell wasn’t a part of ‘The Challenge: Total Madness’ because of the accident

Theo Campbell, Sideman, and Kaz Crossley attending the boohooMAN x DENO Launch Party
Theo Campbell, Sideman, and Kaz Crossley attending the boohooMAN x DENO Launch Party | Mark R. Milan/Getty Images

While Campbell appeared to be in good spirits after the accident, he didn’t get to take part in Total Madness because of what occurred. He talked to PeopleTV about having to miss out on season 35.

“I was all ready — all ready to go in this season now,” Campbell told PeopleTV back in November 2019 prior to Total Madness. “I got the call up, I signed all the contracts and everything, and it was last minute the doctor said, you know, I don’t think it’s good.”

Campbell then went on to say that he still has stitches in his two months after the incident occurred as well. “The doctor said it wasn’t a good idea. The insurance and everything just didn’t go through. So, in the end, just I was in Thailand, they told me not even a week before that I’m not able to go on.” Campbell assured PeopleTV that once he’s all cleared with his health, he’ll assuredly be back on the show.

Campbell gave an update on how his eye is now


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Campbell was sporting an eye patch for quite awhile due to the accident. But it seems those days are behind him. On August 2, he posted a few closeups of his eye — and it nearly looks normal.

“Legally blind – 7 out of 14 stitches left,” Campbell captioned his post.

Fans are hopeful Campbell will be able to participate in season 36 with this update. And others asked questions Campbell answered.

“Theo please get these stitches out before the new season starts,” one fan commented. “I need you to win one.”

“Are you still totally blind in that eye?” another asked.

Campbell responded, “not totally.”

“Does it still hurt a little?” another questioned. “Or do you notice the stitches are there?”

Campbell additionally noted, “not anymore.”

We’ll have to wait and see if Campbell is taking part in season 36 of The Challenge!

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