‘The Challenge’: Tony Raines Posts Photos After Roof Collapses on Him During Hurricane Ida

Fans likely remember Tony Raines from The Challenge, and he recently went through a horrific ordeal with Hurricane Ida. The reality series veteran posted photos of the damage done to his home, as well as the injuries his wife, Alyssa Giacone, sustained in the brutal weather event. Here’s what he posted, and how the rest of MTV’s The Challenge cast responded.

[Content warning: A graphic photo from an injury sustained in the hurricane ahead.]

‘The Challenge’ star Tony Raines posted photos of his ordeal with Hurricane Ida

Fans likely remember MTV’s The Challenge Tony Raines for his many hookups, drunk tirades, and “Tony Time” elimination mantra. But Tony hasn’t stepped foot on the show since 2018. He competed on Battle of the BloodlinesRivals IIIInvasion of the ChampionsXXX: Dirty 30, Vendettas, and Final Reckoning, and he won Champs vs. Stars.

Unfortunately, his most recent life update isn’t a happy one. He posted a series of photos showing the destruction Hurricane Ida caused to his house, as well as the injury his wife sustained after the roof of their home collapsed.

Tony begins his Instagram post by explaining how a tree came through his living room first, which is where he was with Alyssa and his daughter, Isla. “When the roof collapsed, I fell to the floor and immediately thought the worst,” he added. ” … I could hear my daughter crying and cleared her from the debris. I brought her to the middle hallway bathroom and went back for Alyssa. At first, she was not responsive and my heart sunk but I could hear her breathing.”

He then wrote how Alyssa’s hand was badly hurt and had to attempt to make a trip to the hospital after five hours in their destroyed home.

Other stars from the show reached out to give their support

Eventually, Tony Raines, Alyssa, and Isla were able to make it to the hospital — but it wasn’t an easy journey. He recounted how he had to ask for assistance from someone with a chainsaw to cut a path for his car to head to the hospital. This took an additional four hours.

“Alyssa received stitches in her forehead and the doctors scheduled surgery on her hand,” he added. “If all goes well, she will make a full recovery in three months.”

MTV’s The Challenge stars reached out to Tony via Instagram to give their support.

“Tony, you really are a superhero,” Cara Maria Sorbello commented. “That is 100% pure superman dad in action. God, how terrifying for everyone. I’m so glad your family is OK. I can’t believe that happened. All my love to you all.”

“Holy s—,” Kailah Casillas commented. “I’m so happy that you guys are all OK! Sending positive vibes for Alyssa’s quick recovery.”

“Your belongings can be replaced, family can’t!” Johnny “Bananas” Devenanzio added. “Glad you’re all safe.”

Did Tony retire from ‘The Challenge’?

Aneesa Ferrier, Veronica Portillo, Camila Nakagawa, and Tony Raines from 'The Challenge' standing together and smiling
Aneesa Ferrier, Veronica Portillo, Camila Nakagawa, and Tony Raines | Charles Sykes/Bravo/NBCU Photo Bank

Will MTV’s The Challenge see Tony Raines compete again in the future? While Tony’s remained out of the spotlight for a few years, there’s no doubt fans would love to see him get back in the saddle. And rumors suggest we could see Tony in a future season of The Challenge: All Stars.

The rumors began when Tony posted a photo in July 2021 with the caption, “Staying ready for whatever CHALLENGE life brings me.” Additionally, spoiler guru PinkRose noted the star was rumored to return for All Stars. Not only that, but Trishelle Cannatella and Kellyanne Judd — two previous All Stars players — commented on Tony’s hurricane post. This could mean they all know each other from participating in the second season of the Paramount+ spinoff.

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