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‘The Challenge’: Tori Deal Sobbed in Hotel Room After Reunion With Fessy Shafaat

Tori Deal and Fessy Shafaat had romance rumors flying after MTV's 'The Challenge: Double Agents' ended. They addressed the rumors during the reunion, but the conversation deeply affected Tori. Here's what she said about crying in her hotel room after the conversation ended.

MTV’s The Challenge: Double Agents reunion part one aired, and fans got to see plenty of intense conversations go down. Tori Deal and Fessy Shafaat had a rumored romance after the show, and they cleared up what went down while on stage. But Tori later confessed she ended the reunion sobbing in her hotel room after talking about the alleged romance.

Are Tori and Fessy together? They set the rumors straight on MTV’s ‘The Challenge’ reunion

During MTV’s The Challenge, Fessy admitted he found Tori attractive, but Tori was engaged to Jordan Wiseley at the time. Then Cory Wharton said he predicts Tori and Jordan would break up, and that’s when Tori and Fessy could kickstart a relationship of their own. It seems Cory may have been on to something, as a fan snapped a photo of Tori and Fessy on vacation after the season ended, sparking romance rumors.

So, did Tori and Fessy date after The Challenge? While they admitted during the reunion they did connect to see if there was a possible romance, nothing occurred. Now, they remain friends.

“Fessy and I definitely linked up for a second to see what was good, but the truth is that Fessy and I found out we are definitely better as friends,” Tori explained on MTV’s Official Challenge Podcast. We’re just homies, and that’s it, so I’m just going to say that right now.”

Tori said she had a breakdown after ‘Double Agents’ reunion

Mikala Thomas sitting with Tori Deal from MTV's 'The Challenge' attend the 'Are You The One?' New York Premiere
Mikala Thomas and Tori Deal attend the ‘Are You The One?’ New York Premiere | Ryan Liu/FilmMagic

During MTV’s The Challenge: Double Agents reunion, both Fessy and Tori were grilled with questions regarding what occurred between them. “I didn’t know he was attracted to me until he called me ‘beautiful’ in the igloo one night,” Tori said. “He was drunk. It really wasn’t a big deal. It was super low key. But I didn’t realize any of that stuff, for the most part, until after I had gotten eliminated.”

The reunion then unearthed the vacation photos of Fessy and Tori. Tori explained she was recently single and was trying to do whatever she could to feel better.

While speaking on MTV’s The Challenge Official Podcast, Tori talked about what it was like after the reunion with Aneesa Ferreira and producer Melissa Casasnovas, too. “It was probably my favorite reunion ever even though I had that one moment after the whole Fessy situation — nobody saw this — but I went back to my little room crying,” Tori said. “Aneesa held me.”

“These things can be so stressful,” Tori added. “All we have is each other there, and you guys just held me like a little baby.”

“I’ve never seen you that upset, ever,” Aneesa said. “It was a lot.”

“It’s heavy,” Tori said. “Some of this stuff is heavy because it touches on bigger issues with my personal life.”

Are Tori and Fessy on ‘The Challenge’ Season 37?


‘The Challenge’: Season 37’s Location Revealed — and It’s Not Iceland

So, will Tori and Fessy rejoin the house together for another season of MTV’s The Challenge? It seems they will. Rumored cast lists include both Tori and Fessy for The Challenge Season 37.

They won’t be the only Double Agents stars returning, of course. Nany Gonzalez, Tori Deal, Ashley Mitchell, Big T Fazakerley, Aneesa Ferreira, and Kaycee Clark will reportedly join the cast for the women. And Nelson Thomas, Nam Vo, Devin Walker, Fessy Shafaat, Cory Wharton, Josh Martinez, Kyle Christie, and CT Tamburello will join for the men.

We’ll have to wait for MTV to make the final call about the cast, as there could be some switch-ups we aren’t yet aware of. Additionally, the season allegedly had to halt production due to coronavirus (COVID-19) protocol. Whether that affects the cast or not, we are still unsure.

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