‘The Challenge USA’: Alyssa Lopez Revealed She Initially Declined; What Changed Her Mind?

Big Brother 23 alum Alyssa Lopez revealed she initially declined the invitation to compete in The Challenge: USA. What changed her mind?

Alyssa Lopez revealed she initially declined ‘The Challenge: USA’

26-year-old Florida native Alyssa Lopez returned to reality TV shortly following her stint on Big Brother 23. She joined the cast of The Challenge: USA alongside other former Houseguests Azah Awasum, Derek Xiao, Kyland Young, Xavier Prather, and Tiffany Mitchell, as well as alums Angela Rummans and David Alexander.

Even though they had the numbers, the group didn’t trust each other and quickly plotted to turn on each other.

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Following episode 4, Alyssa Lopez appeared on the official MTV’s The Challenge podcast, in which she revealed she initially declined the invitation to compete on the show. According to the Florida native, she received the call only a month after returning home from Big Brother and was in the process of readjusting to real life.

When the show called her back a couple of months later, Alyssa explained she weighed out the “pros and cons” and realized she didn’t want to pass on the “amazing opportunity,” pointing out she wanted to join the cast of a new show.

Alyssa got revenge on former ally Xavier Prather during ‘The Challenge: USA’

During the first four episodes of The Challenge: USA, Alyssa has expressed her desire to target Xavier Prather as he betrayed her in Big Brother 23.

As Xavier secretly worked with the all-Black six-person alliance The Cookout, she noted he lied to her when she attached her game to his because he never worked with her.

Feeling that she couldn’t trust the winner and wanting revenge, Alyssa threw him in when she got her first taste of power, resulting in his early exit. In the podcast, she revealed the move “upset” Xavier, who felt she acted out for personal reasons.

However, Alyssa pointed out that he recently won Big Brother while she had a different experience on the outs of the dominating alliance. Therefore, she didn’t think she could trust Xavier in The Challenge: USA, noting he might still be loyal to his Cookout allies over her.

Fans previously thought Alyssa and Xavier were dating

Throughout Big Brother 23, it seemed as though Xavier could have a romantic interest in Alyssa. He confirmed it in a conversation with Hannah Chaddha, admitting he found the Florida “mad cute.”

Therefore, he was happy when she got with Christian Birkenberger as he might have wanted a showmance with her. Xavier admitted he had feelings for her, adding, “I’m in trouble,” and admitted he got “too concerned” when Alyssa got nominated during Week 1.

Following the show, Christian and Alyssa continued to date but broke up shortly after the filming concluded.

A few weeks later, the cast reunited to go to Busch Gardens, and fans noticed flirty tension between Alyssa and Xavier in a video, sparking rumors the two had begun dating. The pair haven’t confirmed or denied whether they were in a romantic relationship. Big Brother 24 airs Sundays, Wednesdays, and Thursdays on CBS.

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