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Big Brother star David Alexander wants viewers to “put some respect” on his name following his elimination win against Xavier Prather in The Challenge USA.

David Alexander explains why he ‘needed’ the elimination win against Xavier Prather in ‘The Challenge: USA’

During The Challenge: USA episode 4, David Alexander (Big Brother) and Justin Ndiba (Love Island) automatically ended up in elimination when the team placed last in the trivia challenge.

They faced off against formidable duo Shantel Smith (Survivor) and Xavier Prather (Big Brother) and came out on top, giving them money in their bank accounts. Following his victory, David took to Instagram to tell viewers to “put some respect on my name.”

The two-time Big Brother player explained his past on the competition show and noted he returned as an all-star due to his ability to “read the game and people.” David continued, noting that he applied his expertise during The Challenge USA and realized the “house’s perspective” of him.

The reality star noticed he didn’t get much respect from the others due to their “condescending tone” and heard others consider him a “weak player,” including his partner Justine. Therefore, the Georgia native explained he “needed to win the elimination,” even though he didn’t want to compete against Xavier, someone he considered an ally. David also credited Justine for her role in their victory and teased that the show will only “get crazier from here.”

David previously competed in ‘Big Brother twice

In 2019, David appeared on Big Brother 21, where he got banished by Camp Director Jackson Michie on Day 1. Due to his inability to return to the house, he was eliminated first before returning as part of the Camp Comeback twist.

Although he couldn’t compete, David proved to have a solid social game due to his correct read on the house. The Georgia native managed to create an ally but lost the re-entry competition, resulting in his exit from the show. Following the controversial season, the show brought him back for BB22: All Stars.

Even though he failed to join a strong alliance, David made it much further into the competition, especially with the help of a power that allowed him to remove himself from the block. As he continued and the dominating alliance The Committee looked to implode, David could have made it relatively far.

However, he was evicted in Week 8 when rival Memphis Garrett won the Head of Household. David made a controversial decision to go for the cash prize in the competition instead of the Power of Veto, which would have saved him.

David is competing in ‘The Challenge: USA’ alongside other ‘Big Brother’ players

David returned for The Challenge: USA alongside fellow season 22 Houseguest Enzo Palumbo and other Big Brother alums, including Azah Awasum, Kyland Young, Tiffany Mitchell, Xavier Prather, Derek Xiao, Alyssa Lopez, and Angela Rummans.

Even though they have the numbers over the other reality show representatives, the group doesn’t trust each other and has already turned on one another.


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It’s unclear who David is aligned with inside the house. However, he has managed to avoid getting thrown into elimination, even though he believes the others consider him a weaker competitor.

During episode 3, Cashay Proudfoot and Domenick Abbate were thrown in to face James Wallington and Tasha Fox. The eliminated James Wallington later admitted he regretted not asking for David and his then-teammate Shannon St. Clair instead. The Challenge: USA airs Wednesdays on CBS.