‘The Challenge: USA’ Spoilers: Who Goes Home in Episode 4? Spoiler Account Reveals Elimination

Fans of MTV’s The Challenge have a new spinoff show to watch — and that’s The Challenge: USA. The new show takes competitors from Big Brother, Survivor, The Amazing Race, and Love Island together to compete for $500,000, and several fantastic competitors have already been taken out of the game. So, who gets eliminated in episode 4? Here are The Challenge: USA spoilers for the episode airing on July 27, 2022.

[Spoiler alert: The Challenge: USA spoilers for episode 4 and the finale ahead.]

The preview for ‘The Challenge: USA’ episode 4 shows trivia takes out a few competitors

Competitors standing together playing trivia above water in 'The Challenge: USA' episode 4
‘The Challenge: USA’ episode 4 | Laura Barisonzi/Paramount

Previous The Challenge: USA spoilers revealed Cely, Tiffany, and Tasha all went home for the women. For the men, Javonny, Cashel, and James were sent packing. Going into episode 4, it seems the contestants will have to participate in a fan-favorite elimination — and that’s trivia.

The preview posted on Twitter also gives a glimpse at a few of the pairings in this episode. Host T.J. Lavin told the competitors that a random algorithm would choose their partner at the beginning of each day. The preview shows Danny and Kyra, Cinco and Shannon, Xavier and Shan, and Domenick and Angela paired up.

The first question Lavin asks in trivia is about the official language of Argentina — Spanish. He asks the competitors to name other countries where Spanish is the official language. Danny cannot complete the question correctly, thus throwing them in the water. The preview ends with the remaining three teams still answering questions.

‘The Challenge: USA’ spoilers reveal who goes home in episode 4

So, who heads home in The Challenge: USA episode 4? According to The Challenge: USA spoilers from PinkRose posted to Reddit, Shan Smith from Survivor and Xavier Prather from Big Brother get sent home. They’re allegedly eliminated by David Alexander from Big Brother and Justine Ndiba from Love Island.

Fans on Reddit looked deeper into the previews to figure out what went down. “Based on the second preview, Xavier and Shan didn’t get last, so they definitely got voted in by the winning pair,” a Reddit fan noticed. “This should be good.”

“I’m thinking — based on the edit — that Derek and Sarah win, and throw X and Shan in,” another fan guessed. It seems Alyssa and Derek might want revenge for past wrongdoings on Big Brother. This means they may throw Xavier in.

Other fans are excited to see the David and Xavier matchup. “David sending Xavier home is about to make people look like clowns for doubting David,” another fan wrote.

Which ‘Survivor’ contestants make it the furthest?

'The Challenge: USA' cast standing together in uniforms
‘The Challenge: USA’ cast | Laura Barisonzi/Paramount

Shan played smart on Survivor. Unfortunately, The Challenge: USA spoilers note she doesn’t make it as far as many fans hoped. With that in mind, which Survivor players hold out the longest?

According to Reddit spoilers, Desi Williams from Survivor: Heroes vs. Healers vs. Hustlers and Sarah Lacina from Survivor Season 28, 34, and 40 make it the furthest. Sarah takes home the win for the women.

As for the men, Danny McCray from Survivor Season 41, Domenick Abbate from Survivor: Ghost Island, and Tyson Apostol from Survivor Seasons 18, 20, 27, and 40 all make it to the end. Danny McCray wins The Challenge: USA. All in all, the Survivor players come out strong.

The Challenge: USA airs Wednesdays at 9 p.m. ET on CBS.

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