‘The Challenge: USA’ Spoilers: Who Goes Home in Episode 6?

MTV’s The Challenge fans enjoy CBS’s new spinoff, The Challenge: USA. The new series brings together formidable competitors from Survivor, Big Brother, The Amazing Race, and Love Island. So far, there have been a few standout competitors, including Survivor legend Tyson. Can he continue to evade eliminations in episode 6? Here are The Challenge: USA spoilers for episode 6.

[Spoiler alert: The Challenge: USA spoilers regarding who goes home in season 1 episode 6.]

‘The Challenge: USA’ Season 1 Episode 5 elimination proves Tyson might be in trouble

Two competitors suspended on a platform in 'The Challenge: USA' Season 1 Episode 6
‘The Challenge: USA’ Season 1 Episode 6 | Jonne Roriz/Paramount

Tyson Apostol is a severe strategic threat, and early The Challenge: USA spoilers point to a long road ahead for the competitor. In The Challenge: USA Season 1 Episode 5, he continued to assert his dominance with Cashay as his partner. While the two started the daily challenge behind, they came back to win — much to the dismay of the rest of the competition.

Cashay and Tyson decided to throw in fellow Survivor alum, Sarah, and her partner, Leo, into elimination to compete against Cinco and Azah. Tyson hoped to target Ben, yet another intelligent Survivor player, but his partner, Cashay, wouldn’t have it, as Ben was partnered with her friend and ally, Justine. Because of Ben’s safety net, he went for Ben’s closest ally — Sarah. Additionally, Sarah and Tyson had a contentious relationship.

Unfortunately for Tyson and Cashay, their plan backfired. Sarah and Leo won against Cinco and Azah — and they made it known they’re out for Tyson’s blood. “I know it’s going to be a headache when I go back to the house,” Tyson said.

‘The Challenge: USA’ spoilers: Who goes home in episode 6?

With episode 5 behind us, who heads home in episode 6?

According to The Challenge: USA spoilers from PinkRose posted to Reddit, Derek from Big Brother and Shannon from Love Island head home. Spoilers also note David and Desi win the daily elimination.

It’s uncertain at this point exactly how Derek and Shannon land in the elimination and get sent home. But fans have guesses. “I just watched the preview they showed at the end of the episode and I believe David and Desi will throw Derek and Shannon into elimination,” a fan on Reddit suggested. “The preview shows Derek clearing the ropes and helping Shannon make the platform. In other shots, we see teams wipe out, so it makes me believe they won’t be last.”

The new preview for episode 6 shows Tyson and Kyra paired together during the daily challenge. Tyson seems in his element with the water and climbing components, but Kyra states she’s been ill, making the physical aspects of the competition more tiresome. It seems this duo doesn’t win the daily challenge, so we’ll be curious to see how they avoid elimination.

Does Tyson continue to evade elimination?

Tyson Apostol and Cashay Proudfoot hugging in 'The Challenge: USA'
Tyson Apostol and Cashay Proudfoot | Laura Barisonzi/Paramount

According to The Challenge: USA spoilers from PinkRose, Tyson continues to do well in the competition. He reportedly doesn’t get eliminated during the competition, but he also doesn’t win. The Survivor alum makes it to the top four and appears to run the final, but he’s beaten by three other competitors. Danny McCray, another Survivor alum, wins for the men, and Sarah reportedly wins for the women.

We anticipate seeing more of Tyson and Sarah’s rivalry as the season progresses. After Tyson made the first move by sending Sarah into elimination, she’ll likely continue to target him until they run the final together.

The Challenge: USA airs Wednesdays at 9 p.m. ET on CBS.

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