‘The Challenge: USA’: T.J. Lavin Names 3 Competitors Who ‘Really Did Well’ in Eliminations

MTV’s The Challenge fans are getting into the CBS spinoff, The Challenge: USA. The new show brings competitors from several different reality shows together to compete in daily challenges and eliminations for one huge grand prize. Host T.J. Lavin still hosts the MTV series, and he’s also the host of the spinoff. Here’s what he said about the three The Challenge: USA cast members who “really did well” in eliminations.

[Spoiler alert: Elimination spoilers ahead for The Challenge: USA.]

How does ‘The Challenge: USA’ work? Contestants from 4 different reality shows compete for $500,000

Tyson Apostol and Angela Rummans standing apart from the rest of 'The Challenge: USA' cast
Tyson Apostol and Angela Rummans | Laura Barisonzi/Paramount

The Challenge: USA brings competitors from Big Brother, Survivor, The Amazing Race, and Love Island together to compete for $500,000. So, how does the CBS spinoff work?

Host T.J. Lavin greets the cast members and explains how the show works during the premiere. “You will be faced with challenges and eliminations that are harder than anything you’ve ever done before,” T.J. promises. He then explains that not only is the $500,000 prize on the line, but the winners will go on to compete in the global Challenge tournament.

As for the rules, players compete throughout the show in co-ed pairs. The Challenge: USA cast members get to choose their partner at first, and each player gets $1,000 in their personal bank account to start. Each cast member needs at least $5,000 in their personal bank account by the final to run the final. They can accrue cash by winning daily challenges or eliminations.

At the end of the premiere, Lavin announced a twist. After each elimination, partners get swapped using a random pair generator, making it even more difficult to strategize.

‘The Challenge: USA’ host T.J. Lavin named 3 competitors who do ‘well’ in eliminations

‘The Challenge: USA’ cast season 1 cast poses with host T.J. Lavin
‘The Challenge: USA’ cast with host T.J. Lavin | Laura Barisonzi/Paramount

A few members of The Challenge: USA cast pulled through with an early lead. Tyson and Angela won the first elimination, proving they’re both incredibly strong players. And T.J. Lavin named three women that fans shouldn’t sleep on as they continue to watch the show.

A clip from an interview posted on Twitter shows Lavin pointing out Angela Rummans, Alyssa Lopez, and Azah Awasum. “And then they had a couple of surprises in there, which were Angela and Alyssa,” the host said. “You know who really did well at some of the eliminations and challenges and things was Azah. Azah was really good, she’s a surprise for me. I thought, pretty face, you know, that’s about it. No, she did really well. And Alyssa too.

Azah and Alyssa competed on Big Brother 23, and Angela competed on Big Brother 20.

How far do Angela, Alyssa, and Azah get?


So, how far do T.J. Lavin’s three women he named go?

According to The Challenge: USA spoilers on Reddit, Angela makes it to fourth place, Alyssa makes it to sixth place, and Azah comes in 10th place, as she’s eliminated in episode 5. The top three women are Sarah Lacinda from Survivor, Cayla Platt from The Amazing Race, and Justine Ndiba from Love Island.

Azah asserts dominance early on by winning the elimination in episode 1. We’re curious to see how her trajectory on the show continues after the early win.

The Challenge: USA airs Wednesdays at 9 p.m. ET on CBS.

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