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Fans of MTV’s The Challenge are looking forward to watching CBS’s The Challenge: USA. The new series brings titans from other reality shows together to compete for the big prize money. So, what are the rules for The Challenge: USA? And how much money do the contestants compete for?

How ‘The Challenge: USA’ works and the prize money the cast can win

'The Challenge: USA' cast
‘The Challenge: USA’ cast | Laura Barisonz/Paramount+

The Challenge: USA works differently than MTV’s The Challenge. MTV’s The Challenge brings past competitors from reality shows like The Real World, Are You The One?, Big Brother, and Love Island to compete against each other season after season, and the show has a number of competitors who continue to return each year. The series also takes on a new format and new theme with each season.

MTV posted the first three minutes of The Challenge: USA to YouTube, and host T.J. Lavin shares the rules of the game. He explains to the competitors that they’ll start off with “a little seed money” in their “personal accounts.”

“Everyone’s going to have $1,000,” Lavin continues. “Unfortunately for you, that is not enough money to make it to my final, which is the ultimate goal. To qualify, you have to have $5,000 in that personal Challenge account.” Competitors can either win a daily challenge or an elimination to accrue more money in their accounts.

The winner of the final takes home $500,000 and can then go on to compete in “the first ever international global Challenge tournament.”

It’s unclear exactly how eliminations will work this season, but we anticipate one male and one female competitor getting eliminated each episode. There will likely be a number of twists and turns throughout the season, too.

Host T.J. Lavin talked about what viewers can expect

T.J. Lavin spoke to Parade about The Challenge: USA cast, as they’re much different than the typical competitors fans have seen on MTV’s The Challenge.

“Some of them come from really hard shows,” Lavin explained. “Survivor for instance, is a difficult situation, I think. I don’t know; I’ve never been on it. But I do know that they have to survive, and they have to do certain things.”

Lavin then noted he believes the Survivor players have the best chance of winning the competition.

“I would say just because of the grit,” Lavin shared. “When you get down and dirty, it’s going to be a miserable time. That’s what it takes to be in a final. All the challenges throughout the entire season are tough. But the final challenge will take you beyond yourself and beyond what you think is possible for you to survive. And Survivor players are most equipped to do that.”

What is ‘The Challenge: USA’ release date?

‘The Challenge: USA’: Host TJ Lavin Thinks ‘Love Island’ Players Have ‘Really No Chance’ at Winning

So, when can fans catch The Challenge: USA premiere? The season begins airing on Wednesday, July 6, 2022, at 9:30 p.m. ET on CBS, after Big Brother 24 makes its debut.

MTV’s The Challenge Season 38 is also in the works for fans who want to keep up with the flagship series. MTV has not yet set a release date for the new season, but spoiler accounts report filming has already begun. We anticipate The Challenge Season 38 might get a release date during fall 2022.

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