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MTV’s The Challenge is gearing up for season 36, and it looks like Wes Bergmann is also prepping for his return to the show. According to his Instagram, he’s working out every day in physical preparation. And it seems he’s caught wind that some of his past and fellow competitors are finding alternative ways to make money aside from the show — and that’s through OnlyFans.

Bergmann recently tweeted a joke about one ex-contestant starting an OnlyFans, too. Here’s what he said.

Wes Bergmann talked about how much ‘Challenge’ contestants make

Chris 'C.T' Tamburello and Wes Bergmann attend MTV's 'The Challenge: Rivals II' final episode and reunion party
Chris ‘C.T’ Tamburello and Wes Bergmann attend MTV’s ‘The Challenge: Rivals II’ final episode and reunion party | Mike Coppola/Getty Images

There’s plenty of money to be made for those who win The Challenge. But it seems most competitors don’t bring home much money just for appearing on the show. While some well-known veteran players can make up to $80,000 just for going on the show at all, the rookie players reportedly only bring in about $1,000 for each week they make it through the competition.

Bergmann talked about the show’s small pay to the Bachelor Party podcast, too. He explained that most players, himself included, have jobs outside of The Challenge, as it’d be impossible to live off of the reality TV salary alone.

“BetaBlox provides me the opportunity where I can play this game as a hobby into my adult life,” Bergmann explained. “That’s the unfortunate situation for a lot of MTV’s favorite cast members is The Challenge doesn’t pay enough for it to be a full-time job. And MTV can sit around and say that it does all they want. It doesn’t.”

He just made fun of a past contestant for having an OnlyFans

It looks like an alternative route some Challenge players are going is OnlyFans. Those who participate in OnlyFans have subscribers who pay for their content monthly, and it’s assumed that this content is for adults only. So far, Dee Nguyen, Kailah Casillas, Devin Walker, Paulie Calafiore, and many others have joined the craze.

Bergmann’s noticed all of his fellow competitors who have their own pages, too. And he took to Twitter to make fun of Hunter Barfield, as he seems to be one of the latest to join.

“My smartest purchase of quarantine: Hunter Brian Barfield’s OnlyFans,” Bergmann tweeted on Aug. 17. Bergmann then added a link to the OnlyFans page.

We’re not sure if Barfield plans on coming back to The Challenge, either. The last time fans saw him was on War of the Worlds. And we doubt he’s over his money loss that occurred when Ashley Mitchell took all the winnings instead of splitting it with him on Final Reckoning.

Bergmann exposed how much money some ‘Challenge’ contestants make through OnlyFans


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While Bergmann may make light of Barfield setting up an OnlyFans account, it looks like some Challenge competitors are making a killing. He revealed that Casillas makes around $300,000 per year, or about $25,000 a month, with her account. And Walker brings in about half that, which is still some major side income.

So, will Bergmann make one of his own? We’re not so sure. But back in April 2020, he did joke about him and foe-turned-friend Johnny “Bananas” Devenanzio making an account together. “Dual OnlyFans coming soon @johnnybananas,” he tweeted. While it was certainly a joke, fans seemed to be all about it.

Bergmann has many other projects of his own, though. He has his web series, Friends and Benefits, that he’s been keeping up with via Patreon. And he’s spending plenty of time prepping for season 36 of The Challenge. As for Barfield, we’re not sure if he got the call for season 36 or if he’s just looking to make as much money via OnlyFans as possible.

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