‘The Challenge’: Zach Nichols Doesn’t Think He Did Anything Wrong in His Fight With Jenna Compono on ‘Total Madness’

Those who watched The Challenge: Total Madness know Jenna Compono and Zach Nichols had an epic fight. Nichols accused Compono of cheating on him years ago after he found suspicious private messages between her and other men. While the two are now engaged, fans would love for Compono to send Nichols packing.

So, does Nichols regret the way he talked to Compono while she was on the show? According to what he said at the reunion show, it seems he doesn’t.

Zach Nichols accused Jenna Compono of cheating on ‘The Challenge: Total Madness’

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The blowout between Nichols and Compono on Total Madness was intense. While Compono was on the show competing for $500,000, Nichols told her via a brief phone call that he found inappropriate private messages she received from other men. And this prompted a huge fight between the couple with Nichols ultimately accusing Compono of lying and cheating. In the end, he told her she needed to come home and fix their relationship or he was throwing her out.

The ultimatum put Compono in a bad headspace. And her fellow competitors noted she appeared severely checked out following the fight.

“Jenna was like, every day like, ‘I want to go home.’ I mean, she was not in a great space, so we all thought, you know, at some point, she was gonna go,” Aneesa Ferreira told the Challenge Mania podcast. “What better way to go, is like, an elimination, you can just try your hardest, or not try that hard, and go. But it didn’t go that way.”

Compono continues to defend herself and Nichols against internet hate

Jenna Compono at 'The Challenge XXX': Ultimate Fan Experience
Jenna Compono at ‘The Challenge XXX’: Ultimate Fan Experience | Lars Niki/Getty Images for MTV

Nichols’ rage against Compono prompted fans to beg Compono to leave Nichols behind. However, the couple managed to work through their differences and they’re now engaged. And Compono continues to defend her relationship publicly whenever a fan or fellow competitor brings it up.

“We all have a past, we all make mistakes it takes a strong couple to move on and get past it,” Compono posted in a long note to Twitter after the episode aired. “Was this a stupid argument? Yes. Did we both overreact and could it have been handled differently? Yes. But we were stressed we couldn’t figure out the issue and had to wait each week to talk to each other to continue the convo.”

Fans still would love to see Compono leave Nichols. “But sis you have to address this every single season though,” a fan commented on Twitter.

Nichols said he wouldn’t change the way he reacted if he could

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Compono and Nichols both appeared on the virtual Challenge reunion. And the fight was discussed briefly, as neither one of them seemed like they wanted to talk about it. When the host asked Nichols what he found that made him question Compono, Nichols refused to answer.

“Doesn’t matter,” Nichols noted. “Regardless of what I found, we were strong enough to work through it.”

The host then asked Compono what she thought of the ultimatum. “I probably would’ve done the same thing if I thought he was cheating on me or I saw something I didn’t like,” Compono said. “I understood where he was coming from.”

So, would Nichols have changed his reaction after looking back? “No,” he answered. “I think I stand by my decision.”

We’re hoping Nichols and Compono really are happier than ever and continue to work through whatever issues occur in their relationship.

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