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A new group of singles (and players pretending to be single) entered The Circle Season 5 on Netflix on Dec. 28. Among them are a few reality television alums, while most of them are new to this world, including Raven Sutton. Raven got off to a great start in The Circle Season 5. And we have a feeling that this is only the beginning of her dominance in the game.

Raven Sutton, who stars in 'The Circle' Season 5 on Netflix, wears a white top and black pants.
Raven Sutton | Netflix

Raven is currently competing in ‘The Circle’ Season 5

The cast of The Circle Season 5 includes 12 contestants, three of which have yet to officially enter the game as of the fourth episode.

The contestants playing as themselves are:

  • Raven Sutton and Paris (Raven’s interpreter)
  • Marvin Achi
  • Brett Robinson
  • Chaz Lawery
  • Oliver Twixt
  • Sam Carmona
  • Tom Houghton
  • Xanthi Perdikomatis

The catfish are:

  • Billie-Jean Blackett, playing as her ex, “Bruno”
  • Brian Clark, playing as his daughter, “Brittney”
  • Tasia Lesley, playing as “Tamira”

Additionally, Shubham Goel, the runner-up from The Circle Season 1, will join Raven and the other season 5 players in episode 5. However, it’s unclear if he will play as himself or as a catfish.

Raven’s age, job, and Instagram

Raven, who is 27 years old (she was 26 while filming) and from Maryland, was born deaf. She works as a disability advocate, and fans can find her on Instagram.

Raven is the first Deaf person to compete in The Circle on Netflix. So even before entering the game, she was making history. And one of Raven’s mantras — written in her bio in The Circle — is “Deaf as F***.”

Raven is determined to play The Circle as her authentic self. The only thing she is keeping from the other players is the presence of Paris McTizic, her friend and interpreter. And so far, the way she’s playing the game is working out for her.


‘The Circle’ Season 5: Who Is Brett Robinson?

[Spoiler alert: The following contains spoilers from the first four episodes of The Circle Season 5.]

Raven has already been an influencer two times in ‘The Circle’ Season 5

During the premiere of The Circle Season 5, Raven was one of the first four people to enter the game. However, she and the other three were quickly joined by four other contestants. And producers didn’t give them much time to get to know one another before they had to submit their first ratings.

The eight cast members also had to publicly reveal who they would block if voted as an influencer. Afterward, The Circle informed them that if they were an influencer, the person they chose would actually be blocked from the game. Ultimately, Raven and Chaz were the influencers, and they blocked Brett and Xanthi.

Raven continued to grow strong bonds with Chaz, Sam, and Marvin, who she even flirted with a little. And when it came time for the contestants to rate each other again, Raven came in second place, making her an influencer for the second time in a row. And even though she pushed to block Bruno, Chaz, the other influencer, convinced her to go for Brittney.

The first four episodes of The Circle Season 5, starring Raven, are now available to stream on Netflix.

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