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ABC’s The Golden Bachelor finale is almost here, and fans can’t wait to see who Gerry Turner chooses. Gerry’s wife, Toni Turner, died in 2017. While Gerry tried dating after her death, he never found the one woman he hoped to spend the rest of his life with. Now, Gerry’s alleged ex-girlfriend details their rumored relationship, including what it was like living with him in his Indiana home.

Gerry Turner’s alleged ex-girlfriend says she lived with ‘The Golden Bachelor’ star

The Golden Bachelor star Gerry Turner claimed that he never seriously dated after his wife’s death, but an alleged ex-girlfriend 14 years younger than him says otherwise. The woman, whom The Hollywood Reporter calls “Carolyn,” allegedly dated Gerry for nearly a year. Carolyn met Gerry at the mental health community in Davenport, and they established a friendship. After Gerry’s wife died, he reached out for help with donating his wife’s clothes. But Carolyn says her texts with Gerry quickly turned flirty after they went to dinner as friends.

“I got LUCKY when you first said you would go to dinner with me two weeks ago. I mean, how often does an old geezer get the beautiful girl?” Gerry texted Carolyn. He added, “You are the right woman for me. No need to look further.”

A close friend of Carolyn’s spoke to the publication about the situation.

“When Carolyn and Gerry first started dating [in September 2017], my husband and I took them to an Iowa [Hawkeyes] football game,” Susan McCreary, Carolyn’s friend, said. “I thought, ‘This guy’s legit. This guy’s a really good guy for her.’”

Carolyn moved in with Gerry in July 2018 after he insisted she move for him. She told The Hollywood Reporter that he had strict rules in the home. He asked her to make the bed before coming to breakfast. He also split the price of every meal in advance, though he’d pick up the tab at the restaurant so it appeared he paid.

Eventually, Carolyn and Gerry broke up when Gerry disparaged her for gaining 10 pounds. He asked her to leave his home by January 2020. While packing, she fell down the stairs, landing in the emergency room. Gerry accused Carolyn of using her hurt ankle as the reason why she couldn’t leave his house faster.

'The Golden Bachelor' star Gerry Turner and Theresa Nist on a couch surrounded by his kids and grandkids
‘The Golden Bachelor’ finale featuring Gerry Turner and Theresa Nist | Disney/John Fleenor

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Gerry Turner said he didn’t have any lasting relationships after his wife’s death

The Golden Bachelor star Gerry Turner claims he hasn’t seriously dated since his wife’s death despite what “Carolyn” claims. He said he thought he’d be ready to seriously date a year after Toni Turner died. “Every time I thought I was ready, I realized I wasn’t,” he told People. “Somehow, I got it in my head that if you grieve for a year, that at the end of the year, you should be OK. It absolutely wasn’t the case.”

Ultimately, Gerry consulted a grief counselor for help moving on. “It was a difficult time,” he added. “I finally decided, ‘It’s time for me to go see a grief counselor,’ because I wasn’t sure I was on track. I wasn’t sure I was mending properly. It was probably a life changer for me because I remember having two sessions with the counselor, and he goes, ‘You’re fine. You just got to give yourself credit for being OK.’”

The grief counselor helped Gerry attempt to date again, but nothing stuck. However, he noted that he’s still good friends with one woman he dated who lives in Michigan. “We realized that the romantic side of the relationship just wasn’t going to work, but we’ve seemed to maintain a nice friendship, so I feel good about that,” he said.

The Golden Bachelor finale airs Thursday, Nov. 30, at 8 p.m. ET on ABC.

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