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ABC’s The Golden Bachelor finale is officially over, and we saw Gerry Turner take the plunge with Theresa Nist. We weren’t surprised to see Gerry get down on one knee for Theresa, as they had a seemingly unbreakable bond and deep understanding of each other that Gerry didn’t have with the other women. But Gerry’s father, Everett Turner, says he initially “didn’t care for Theresa.”

[Spoiler alert: The Golden Bachelor spoilers ahead regarding the finale.]

Gerry Turner’s father ‘didn’t care for’ Theresa Nist in ‘The Golden Bachelor’

The Golden Bachelor couple Gerry Turner and Theresa Nist are as happy as can be, as they can officially start planning their Jan. 4 wedding. While Gerry fell in love with Leslie Fhima, he knew he wanted to choose Theresa as his life partner. Unfortunately, Gerry’s father, Everett Turner, didn’t initially see the connection.

Everett watched the show with his wife, Norma, and other friends in Indiana — and he told The Sun that he hoped Gerry would pick Leslie. “I had Leslie picked out,” Everett said. “For some reason, I just didn’t care for Theresa.”

“I was 60% for Leslie and 40% for Theresa,” he continued. “I couldn’t say why. Right off the bat, Theresa rubbed me the wrong way. But it don’t matter. Now I have to change my tune! She’s marrying my son. I’m bound to like her.”

While Gerry’s father didn’t initially fall in love with Theresa, he noted he’s happy for his son. “I like Theresa,” he said. “There is not a problem with me not liking her. All I want is for him to be happy. Whatever he decides to do, I’ll back him 100%.”

Norma, who goes by Peggy, stated the opposite of Everett. She liked Theresa from the start. “I thought so because they had so much in common,” she said. “His two daughters and granddaughter seemed to like her last night. They are his pride and joy, so he’s listening to them.”

Gerry Turner says his kids are incredibly close to Theresa Nist’s kids now

'The Golden Bachelor' finale with Gerry Turner engaged to Theresa Nist and Gerry's daughters and grandkids
‘The Golden Bachelor’ finale with Gerry Turner and Theresa Nist | Disney/John Fleenor

‘The Golden Bachelor’: Faith Martin Knew Gerry Turner ‘Had a Thing’ for Theresa Nist ‘From the Get-Go’

The Golden Bachelor is over, but Gerry Turner and Theresa Nist’s lives have just begun to unfold. The two have a ton of wedding planning to do ahead of Jan. 4, 2024, and they’re enlisting help from their kids. The couple told the Bachelor Happy Hour podcast that their families get along fabulously, making this major life transition even easier.

“Our families are incredibly … in such a short time, incredibly close to each other,” Gerry said. “They’re talking all the time; they refer to each other as sisters now.” He added that because of how close their families are, he and Theresa “could not find a good reason” for waiting more than a few months to get married.

‘The Golden Bachelor’ lead says he ‘fully understands’ why Leslie Fhima might not forgive him

The Golden Bachelor finale showed the heartbreaking moment when Gerry Turner told Leslie Fhima he didn’t want to continue his life with her by his side. Leslie was incredibly hurt by Gerry, as she felt he led her to believe she was the one. While Gerry’s father hoped his son would choose Leslie in the end, his bond with Theresa couldn’t be broken.

Gerry apologized to Leslie, but she didn’t immediately accept his apology. The lead told Entertainment Tonight that he understands.

“I mean, she was hurt; I was hurt,” Gerry told the publication. ” … I mean, there’s a need for closure. There’s a need for clarity within that conversation. I fully understand where she’s at.”

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