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ABC’s The Golden Bachelor finale is here, and fans finally get to see who Gerry Turner gets engaged to. Gerry lives on Big Long Lake in LaGrange County, Indiana, and loves his life in the Midwest. But, will he move for love? Gerry’s father says Gerry isn’t ready to move for his future wife.

Gerry Turner’s father says ‘The Golden Bachelor’ star won’t move out of Indiana for love

The Golden Bachelor star Gerry Turner has an important decision to make after he chooses his future wife. While Gerry lives in the Indiana dream home he purchased with his late wife, Toni Turner, Theresa Nist or Leslie Fhima may not want to stay in the Midwest. Theresa lives in New Jersey, while Leslie lives in Minnesota. And according to Gerry’s dad, Gerry wants to remain firmly planted in his home state.

The Sun asked Gerry’s father, Everett, if Gerry would move. “I don’t think so,” Everett said. “He likes Indiana. The house on the lake he bought for his two kids, so it’s probably where he wants to say.”

Gerry’s stepmother, Norma, agreed with Everett. She added, “I don’t think he would move.”

While Gerry has close family nearby in Indiana, his friend, Heather Lanning, thinks he could move for the right woman. “I think he would move or have the woman move here,” she said. “That’s all going to be based upon however that goes down. I don’t think he would be limited to moving.”

Gerry Turner has ‘a lot of good friends’ in Indiana, says a close friend

Gerry Turner with his daughters and granddaughters sitting on a couch
Gerry Turner’s daughters and granddaughters | ABC/Brian Bowen Smith

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The Golden Bachelor star Gerry Turner adores the Midwest. While he might potentially move for the woman he loves, his good friend, Heather Lanning, told The Sun that Gerry has great friends where he lives, and he enjoys numerous hobbies on the lake.

“He’s a regular here,” Lanning, who works at Shady Nook Inn near Gerry’s home, stated. “He’s part of our family. He’s here quite a bit. He comes in on Saturdays with a group of family and close friends for lunch.”

She added that while Gerry’s not a regular “drinker,” he often stops by the Inn for a salad and to say hi to his fellow locals.

“He’s a lake person,” Lanning said. “Boating, jet skiing, all of it. He loves pickleball. He does do some traveling quite often.”

Another friend of Gerry’s told The Sun that the reality TV star has “a lot of good friends around here who wish him the best. We are so proud of him.”

Faith Martin believes she didn’t receive a rose because she wants to stay in Washington

The Golden Bachelor fans will find out whether Gerry Turner moves for love after his season ends. Unfortunately, Faith Martin, a fan favorite dumped after hometowns, believes Gerry didn’t move forward with her because she wants to stay in her home state of Washington. During hometowns, she told Gerry she couldn’t see herself moving away from her family.

“He never brought that up, but I had felt that that might’ve been,” Faith told People about their differing living situations. “I remember that night thinking, ‘Oh, should I have done that?’ But, I wouldn’t have been being honest had I not said that. He needed to know that because I’m just not the type of person that can see my kids a couple of times a year.”

The Golden Bachelor airs Thursdays at 8 p.m. ET on ABC.’

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