‘The Incredible Dr. Pol’: What Happened to Dr. Brenda?

One of Pol Veterinary Services’ senior staff members, Dr. Brenda Grettenberger is also easily one of The Incredible Dr. Pol‘s most popular cast members. And fans can’t seem to get enough of her, with many wondering what’s happened to her altogether.

Here’s the latest on the unflappable right-hand vet to Dr. Pol, as well as how she landed at Dr. Pol’s practice in the first place.

'The Incredible Dr. Pol' star Dr. Jan Pol
‘The Incredible Dr. Pol’ star Dr. Jan Pol | Jason Kempin/Getty Images

Dr. Brenda says it all started when she answered an ad

Her career with Dr. Pol, Dr. Brenda said, took off when she saw an ad in a professional journal.

She told Monsters and Critics that she began working with the Netherlands-born veterinarian in the 1990s: “I answered a help wanted ad in the AVMA journal (magazine) to find my way to Pol Veterinary Services.”

Her bio on the Dr. Pol website revealed more about the vet: “Dr. Brenda Grettenberger was born in Eaton Rapids, Michigan, in 1967. She grew up on a dairy farm and always had an interest in large animals. After graduating from Michigan State University College of Veterinary Medicine in 1992, Dr. Brenda began working at Pol Veterinary Services.  When Dr. Brenda is not working, she enjoys dancing, reading, and training her oxen to pull wagons.”

What happened to Dr. Brenda on ‘The Incredible Dr. Pol’?

Perhaps it was due to the lack of episodes featuring the cool-under-pressure veterinarian, but fans have been getting concerned, wanting to know if she’s OK, and whether she’s left the show entirely without an announcement.

In a June Facebook Live event, Dr. Pol’s son Charles who’s also an executive producer on the show, took to the social networking site to announce the show’s at-that-time upcoming new season. Inviting fans to let him know their questions and feedback on the show, it seemed Charles stopped a few times during the chat to assure fans that Dr. Brenda was well and not going anywhere.

Dr. Brenda Grettenberger, left, of ‘The Incredible Dr. Pol’

“We’ve seen a lot of rumors here on the Dr. Pol Facebook page, that Dr. Brenda is perhaps leaving the practice or has left the practice,” Charles shared. “I just want to dissuade all those rumors. Dr. Brenda has not left the practice.”

Dr. Brenda can be seen in more episodes of ‘The Incredible Dr. Pol’ Season 19

Charles explained that, like anyone else working on the job whether on a farm tending cows or in an office, Dr. Brenda had to take care of matters and wasn’t seen as much in season 18 of the show.

“She had some things that she was doing a year ago,” he added. “So you might not see her as much in one of the past seasons and I think people were getting nervous about that. But that was because of, you know, busy life and she was kind of running around. They weren’t able to get as much filming with her. But she’s still here. So don’t worry about that. Brenda will be here, is still here, and we’re very thankful to have her. She’s great, she’s been a part of the Dr. Pol family for like over 30 years. I can’t imagine Pol Veterinary without Brenda.”

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