The Trailer for Netflix’s ‘Dark’ Season 3 Has Fans More Confused Than Ever

Netflix has released a trailer for Dark Season 3. By the looks of things, the final season of the German sci-fi show is going to be just as — if not more — crazy than that first two.

“The final cycle begins,” the trailer promises. “The final cycle ends.” 

‘Dark’ returns June 27

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As many fans predicted, season 3 of Dark will arrive on Netflix on June 27. Within the show’s narrative, that’s the date that the last cycle kicks off and the apocalypse begins. Season 2 also dropped on a significant date in the series — the day of Mikkel’s suicide — so it makes sense that the show’s final season also coincides with an important number on the calendar.    

The trailer teases answers to the show’s biggest questions — but raises more

“You must have many questions,” says Adam (the older, scarred version of the time-traveling Jonas) at the beginning of the trailer. “Shall we begin?”

As the trailer reminds viewers, this will be the “last cycle.” But some characters in the show seem determined to break the cycle and escape from the closed time loop. “The knot can only be undone by destroying it entirely,” one says. We also see three new characters, who look like they are the same person at different ages. A young Jonas also appears to run backwards through time and the Sic Mundus lair has been set on fire. 

“The time-twisting madness reaches its conclusion in a strange new world, where some things are quite familiar — and others are disturbingly not,” reads the video’s YouTube description. As fans of the show will remember, season 2 ended with a major revelation: not only is time travel possible, but there are also alternate realities. It’s not clear exactly how that will play into Dark’s larger story, but it definitely adds another layer of complexity to the already mind-bending series. 

‘Dark’ fans are more confused than ever 

Martha and Magnus in Dark
Lisa Vicari and Moritz Jahn in Dark | Netflix

With characters moving back and forth between 1953, 1986, 2019, and other periods, plus multiple actors playing the same people at different points in time, Dark can be a little (well, a lot) hard to follow. And the new trailer just raised more questions about what might really be going on in Winden. 

Some viewers noticed that in the trailer Martha — or a version of Martha — is wearing Jonas’s yellow jacket, leading them to wonder if she’s actually the alternate-world version of Jonas. Others speculated that the new character seen in the trailer at three different ages might be Jonas and Martha’s son. 

“Ok, I came looking for answers and now I just have more questions,” one person commented on the show’s official Instagram.

“It’s all a question of origin,” the account replied. “Where is the beginning? When is the beginning? Is there a beginning at all?” 

Dark Season 3 is streaming on Netflix on June 27.

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