‘The Ultimatum’ Cast Ranked From Best to Absolute Worst

The Ultimatum has captured the hearts of Netflix reality dating show fans worldwide. Since early April, fans have watched The Ultimatum cast drink from silver wine glasses while awkwardly dating people that aren’t their partners. Now it’s time to rank the cast from best to the absolute worst.

The Ultimatum cast stand around a table with metal cups and prepare to cheers.
The Ultimatum: Marry or Move On | Jody Domingue/Netflix

The number 1 best ‘The Ultimatum’ cast member is Randall

When it comes to intimacy, Randall has been respectful to both his long-term partner Shanique and his “trial wife” Madlyn by avoiding kissing on camera. He also consistently attempts to communicate his feelings and concerns to Madlyn and Shanique. He may have lost a few points for telling Madlyn about Colby’s makeout session with a woman at the bar (potentially for his benefit). But even that couldn’t outweigh Randall’s overall sweetness and gentle nature.

The Ultimatum couple Randall and Shanique sit next to each other and smile.
The Ultimatum: Marry or Move On Randall and Shanique | Netflix

2. April

Yes, perhaps April talks too much without giving others a chance to respond. And yes, maybe she divulges way too much information about her and Jake’s sex life. That said, if there is one cast member who is unwaveringly committed to her partner, it’s April. Plus, she was a great sport about being rejected by Hunter and having to shack up with Colby for three weeks.

3. Nick and Vanessa Lachey

They aren’t contestants on the show, but Nick and Vanessa are still technically cast members. Plus, where would The Ultimatum cast be without Nick and Vanessa’s unintentionally judgemental facial expressions to guide them?

The Ultimatum cast members Nick and Vanessa Lachey stand in front of the rest of the cast.
The Ultimatum Nick and Vanessa Lachey | Ilana Panich-Linsman/Netflix

4. Hunter

Hunter consistently demonstrated his calm and collected nature while meeting the rest of The Ultimatum cast. He dealt with Alexis admitting that she was hesitant to marry him because he made less money than her. He even comforted April while she was crying about being rejected. Hunter also gained some points after proposing to Alexis only four days into The Ultimatum experiment.

The Ultimatum couples Hunter, Alexis, Lauren and Nate all sit next to each other on a bench.
The Ultimatum: Marry or Move On | Netflix

5. Jake

We didn’t love the way The Ultimatum cast member Jake gave April the cold shoulder for most of their three weeks living together. But he was processing a lot between his feelings for Rae and his frustrations with April and their relationship. In the end, Jake was very respectful to both women throughout the process. He even gained the approval of Rae’s hard-to-impress, race car-driving father.

The Ultimatum cast members April and Jake sit on a bench together.
The Ultimatum: Marry or Move Jake and April | Netflix

6. Lauren

Lauren’s time with The Ultimatum cast was brief. She left the show after getting engaged to her partner Nate only four days into The Ultimatum experiment. Lauren gains points for never really saying anything offensive to anyone. However, she loses a few points for accepting a proposal from Nate. But, to be fair, we’d probably also get engaged to escape having to live with Colby for three weeks.

7. Shanique

Shanique floated into The Ultimatum cast with the confidence of a strong and loving woman. And there is no question that she is both of those things. That said, her communication skills are lacking. She is frequently determined to ensure that her partner receives her frustrations. But when it comes time for her to reciprocate, Shanique often disrespectfully refuses to make eye contact or offers one-word responses while shutting down conversations.

8. Rae

Rae started the season by admitting to The Ultimatum cast that she struggles to put herself first. However, through her experiences with both Jake and Zay, she’s undoubtedly grown her confidence. She even broke up with Zay after he stayed out all night without contacting her. However, Rae lost some major points when she punched Zay during their argument. It’s not OK to physically harm your partner because you’re upset about their actions.

9. Zay

For the most part, Zay seemed like a good guy trying to figure it all out while healing from a difficult childhood. However, he also lost some major points when he continually grabbed and pulled Rae into him after she made it clear that she did not want to talk to or be around him. He also lost points after staying out all night and into the morning without contacting Rae.

The Ultimatum cast members Zay and Rae sit next to each other and hold hands.
The Ultimatum: Marry or Move On | Netflix

10. Alexis

Alexis introduced herself to The Ultimatum cast by sharing that she was hesitant to marry her partner Hunter because he didn’t make enough money. To be fair, she gets points for honesty. But that is about all the points she can get for her handful of appearances on the show. She accused Colby of calling her “unattractive” when he first met her. Although Colby definitely did reject Alexis’s offer to connect, it was only after Alexis pushed him multiple times that he finally admitted it was because he didn’t find her attractive. When Alexis returned after her engagement to celebrate her bachelorette party, she pushed the rest of the cast members to share information about their relationship they weren’t comfortable sharing. Alexis may not be the worst person on the show but she certainly enjoyed starting drama.

11. Nate

Nate’s frantic proposal to Lauren was uncomfortable to watch. Besides stealing the spotlight from Alexis and Hunter, the proposal felt inauthentic. It didn’t help that Nate had chosen Shanique, April, and Madlyn all as his “trial wives” just minutes before finally clumsily proposing to Lauren. Nate also completely abandoned one of the main reasons he and Lauren originally appeared on the show — their differing views on having kids.

12. The worst ‘The Ultimatum’ cast member is a tie between Madlyn and Colby

Colby wears cowboy hats while gaslighting his girlfriend. Madlyn starts fights with Colby so she can break up with him after never really being interested in marrying him in the first place. Colby carries on secret relationships with people outside of The Ultimatum cast. And Madlyn starts drama with every other woman on the show. Madlyn and Colby are the absolute worst. And they are perfect for each other.

The Ultimatum cast members Madlyn and Colby look at each other and smile.
Colby and Madlyn in The Ultimatum: Marry or Move On | Netflix

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