‘The Ultimatum’ Spoilers: Who Do Shanique and Randall Pick for Their Trial Wife and Husband?

The producers for Love Is Blind are back with a new show. The Ultimatum shows couples breaking up, doing trial marriages with someone else, then deciding if they’re ready for marriage with their original partner. Shanique Imari is hoping Randall Griffin will choose her in the end. But who do they pick for their trial marriages?

[Spoiler alert: This article contains spoilers from The Ultimatum episode “The Choice.”]

Shanique is ready to marry Randall in ‘The Ultimatum’

Randall Griffin wears a suit and carries Shanique Imari who wears a dress on 'The Ultimatum.'
Shanique Imari and Randall Griffin on ‘The Ultimatum’ | Netflix

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In the first episode, Shanique said Randall is comfortable with going with the flow. But she wants to make sure they’re working toward marriage, so she gives him an ultimatum after one and a half years. She’s ready for marriage and having their first child together. Randall said he wanted to get rid of some debt before getting married.

Shanique was very emotional during their last morning together. “Regardless of what may happen, regardless of things that we go through, I really mean when I say that I really love you,” Randall told her. 

“Maybe this is the thing that will propel us into new heights in this relationship,” he later told her. “I know you want to get married right away, but what if you do come out of this, saying that, ‘Maybe Randall was right,’ or, ‘Maybe we should take it easy and just wait.’ That’s why we have to go in there open-minded.”

Who does Shanique pick for her trial husband?

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Shanique made a connection with Zay Wilson. She told him what she expected out of a husband when it came to chores. Zay agreed to them, and they both admitted to being sexually attracted to each other in “The Choice.”

She then announced that she was picking Zay. “You’ve been very serious with me in certain moments,” Shanique told him. “Then I’ve also seen you be really fun and very carefree, and I’ve just–it’s not picture-perfect, but it was you, and it was honest, and it was real. I love that dynamic in you.”

Zay also chose Shanique. He felt like she brought a lot out of him and could see a future with her.

Who does Randall pick for his trial wife?

Randall had a good conversation with Madlyn Riley Ballatori. He said he wants to find someone who he can have fun with and grow old together. Madlyn admitted her partner Colby Kiss annoys her. They later admitted to being sexually attracted to each other.

Madlyn picked Randall because she felt he validated her. Randall also picked her. “I think Madlyn would make an amazing wife,” he said. “You allowed me to open up. You also challenged me to become a better me. You’ve allowed me to show a side that I never thought I’d be able to show.”

Randall and Shanique had one of the more emotional breakups. But it seems like they’re hopeful about their new partners on the Netflix show.

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