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For the past two seasons, The Umbrella Academy has honed in on the Hargreevess siblings. All boast incredible superpowers and equally incredible degrees of childhood trauma and internal conflict. The show flips the superhero genre on its head, often relying on family dysfunction and dark humor to break the mold. Yet, the end of season 2 has fans wondering how the show will progress, and where the focus will be moving forward. 

[Spoiler alert: ‘The Umbrella Academy’ Season 2 spoilers ahead.] 

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Robert Sheehan, Emmy Raver-Lampman, Tom Hopper, Ellen Page and David Castaneda attend a photocall for Netflix ‘The Umbrella Academy’ | Stuart C. Wilson/Getty Images

At the end of season 2 of The Umbrella Academy, Sir Reginald Hargreeves is alien with a team of new, young superheroes called The Sparrow Academy. Yet, what is The Sparrow Academy? Who are these children, and what are their powers? Based on available information surrounding the comic book narratives, as well as cast member comments, The Umbrella Academy enthusiasts can draw some conclusions.

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What powers do The Sparrow Academy kids possess? 

Considering Sir Reginald Hargreeves never sees or finds out about Ben in the altered 1960s timeline, he wasn’t given a reason to go with a different choice. While he met all the others — discovering the utter messes they turned out to be — he didn’t meet Ben. So, Ben is one of the members, and he likely will possess the same powers: the ability to summon and manipulate eldritch tentacle creatures from a portal in his stomach. Yet, what about the others? 

While not much is known about The Sparrow Academy, their powers have been revealed in the comics. The new Number 1 is also super-strong and looks like Luther. As for the blob-like character, he is able to self-mutilate, transferring the damage to desired targets, as PopSugar explains. One sibling can blast energy from their face (should prove interesting on the small screen), and yet another can transform into a swarm of murderous crows and attack opponents. Then, there’s a floating cube. 

A couple of the siblings’ powers remain unknown, but according to recent comments by Justin H. Min, they may possess powers similar to those in The Umbrella Academy. 

Justin H. Min on The Sparrow Academy and season 3 of ‘The Umbrella Academy’

The new number 1 will be parallel to Luther, and then there’s the new Ben, who will presumably boast the same powers as the old Ben. Given this information, and maybe insider knowledge Min has access to, the actor has noted that The Sparrow Academy will be mirror copies of The Umbrella Academy kids. Min stated:

The last two seasons, the antagonists have been these assassin type people, and no one really with supernatural abilities, except Lila. But now, they’re facing an exact replica of themselves, in the Sparrow Academy, so it sets itself up for something really exciting…


Some Sparrow kids may boast never-before-seen abilities, yet a few may wield powers that fans have already grown quite accustomed to in the first two seasons.