‘The View’ Alum Says Ann Coulter Was the Worst Guest on the Show

Over the years, many different guests have appeared on the popular talk show The View. From popular authors to daytime television stars, personalities visit the set of The View in order to debate the issues of the day with the show’s hosts and reveal their own political viewpoints. While most guests are welcomed back to the show from time to time, there is one guest, in particular, who one co-host says will likely never be invited back to The View, mainly due to this guest’s overwhelmingly bad behavior. 

‘The View’ is an award-winning talk show

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Conceived by the legendary journalist and talk show host Barbara Walters, The View debuted on television in 1997. The show’s format features a panel of hosts of varying ages and political ideologies, who sit together each day of the week and debate current issues and political situations.

Since the day that The View premiered in 1997, the panel has gone through frequent changes, usually featuring one or two conservative-leaning hosts and several liberal ones.

The View has received many awards and nominations over the years, including a total of 31 Daytime Emmy Awards. While the show has often been deemed controversial and has often made headlines due to the frequent clashes between the co-hosts, it remains a power player in television history, staying popular with fans year after year. 

A host for ‘The View’ said that Ann Coulter was a terrible guest

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The View includes several segments in each episode, with the first part of the show featuring a conversation between the hosts themselves, in a panel discussion called “Hot Topics.” The second part of the show features a celebrity guest, whether a political figure or entertainer, joining the hosts in the day’s discussions. Frequently, the guest is able to find common ground with the hosts and makes a great showing throughout the episode. 

However, some of The View’s hosts have had bad experiences with certain guests over the years. In a Dec. 2020 episode of Fox’s Dish Nation, Sherri Shepherd, who acted as a host of The View from 2007 until 2014, was asked who she thought was the worst guest The View had during her time on the talk show. Instantly, Shepherd stated that Ann Coulter was the worst guest.

“She tried to, like, talk down to Barbara Walters,” Shepherd stated. “And I lost it. … I had to check her.”

“You don’t be talking down to Barbara Walters,” Shepherd said to Dish Nation. “That’s my boss, I love that lady.”

Shepherd isn’t the only host of The View who has been open about problems with Ann Coulter. Elizabeth Hasselback, one of the show’s former conservative commentators, has made her feelings about Coulter known, once checking Joy Behar when she tried to list Hasselback in the same category as Coulter: “Please don’t put me in the same sentence as Ann Coulter. Thank you very much.”

What is Ann Coulter best known for?

Ann Coulter attends the The Hollywood Reporter's 9th Annual Most Powerful People In Media at The Pool on April 11, 2019 in New York City.
Ann Coulter | Theo Wargo/Getty Images for THR

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Coulter has rubbed many people wrong over the years, due to her outspoken political convictions. Coulter is best known as a conservative political commentator and author, who has written 13 best-selling books and has worked directly with several political campaigns.

Coulter first burst onto the scene in the late ’90s, as a critic of the Clinton administration, and has remained in the public eye ever since. She has landed in hot water on numerous occasions — but through it all, she has remained focused on her work, and on the fanbase that has made her a noted political pundit for over a decade.