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‘The Walking Dead’ Season 11: How to Watch the Season Premiere

Fans can't wait to see what's to come with 'The Walking Dead' Season 11. So far, AMC has released the first four minutes of the premiere -- and non-AMC+ members will have to wait until Aug. 22 to see the rest. Here's how to watch the first episode of the season. Plus, how to watch past seasons.

The Walking Dead Season 11 is almost here, and fans can’t wait to see how the series continues. For the past decade, viewers witnessed survivors live through the zombie apocalypse and work together for safety. While it all began with police officer Rick Grimes waking from a coma, the story’s come a long way since then. Now, we look forward to seeing if the survivors can find food and live another day. Here’s how to watch the season 11 premiere and how to delve into past seasons of The Walking Dead.

Is ‘The Walking Dead’ ending after 11 seasons?

Norman Reedus in 'The Walking Dead' Season 11 standing in the dark, holding a knife, and looking over his shoulder
Norman Reedus in ‘The Walking Dead’ | Josh Stringer/AMC

The Walking Dead Season 11 marks the show’s final season — though it seems this wasn’t always the plan. There are plenty of fans ready to consume more content well beyond 2022, the year the series will end completely. And it seems Jeffrey Dean Morgan, the actor playing Negan Smith, noted the news shocked the cast and crew.

“The news, when we got it in the middle of the pandemic, was a complete surprise, not only to me and the rest of the actors, but to everybody involved in the show from production,” Morgan told Collider. ” … I think they had Season 11 all mapped out, where they were going to go, and suddenly it became, ‘We also have to close the story, in a way.’ It took everybody by surprise, so it was a massive pivot.” Morgan then noted season 11 will contain 24 episodes, which also changed from what he heard initially.

While The Walking Dead Season 11 closes out the series, it doesn’t end the story completely. Collider notes a spinoff series focusing on Daryl Dixon and Carol Peletier will release in 2023.

How to watch the premiere of ‘The Walking Dead’ Season 11

So, how can fans watch The Walking Dead Season 11 premiere? The premiere, which begins the initial block of eight episodes, according to Entertainment Weekly, airs Aug. 22, 2021, via AMC. But fans who don’t want to wait can catch the first episode prior to Aug. 22.

According to Fossbytes, those with an AMC+ subscription have access to the premiere episode a week before it officially releases. AMC+ currently offers a seven-day free trial as well as plans starting at $4.99 per month.

Additionally, Amazon Prime Video has a deal with AMC+. It seems those with the AMC+ subscription can also watch the premiere via Prime Video prior to Aug. 22. And Philo, Sling TV, FuboTV, YouTube TV, and AT&T TV also carry AMC content, according to Grounded Reason.

To entice viewers even more, AMC released the first four minutes of the new season on Aug. 19, 2021. It looks like the survivors are in major trouble, as they utilize all of their weaponry to stop a zombie hoard and escape safely. As for what this means for their mission going forward, we’ll have to wait and see.

How to watch all previous seasons of the show to prep for the new season


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Fans might want to get refreshed on everything that’s happened prior to The Walking Dead Season 11. So, how can viewers watch The Walking Dead?

Netflix currently has all past episodes of The Walking Dead streaming. Hulu doesn’t have The Walking Dead, but they do have Fear the Walking Dead available to stream — a companion show to the original.

And, of course, those with AMC+ have access to past episodes of the show. A tweet from the show also noted all past seasons are available to stream on Pluto TV, Samsung TV Plus, VIZIO Watch Free+, IMDb TV, Xumo TV, Plex, and Sling TV in August 2021.

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