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Ever since the end of the Marvel Cinematic Universe‘s Phase 3, audiences questioned who the next Thanos-level threat will be. Thor: Love and Thunder introduces the Necrosword for its villain, Gorr the God Butcher, which is a direct hint at who it very likely could be. Here’s a look at the weapon’s history and what that means for the MCU’s Phase 4 and beyond.

[Spoiler alert: This article contains spoilers from Thor: Love and Thunder.]

What is the ‘Thor: Love and Thunder’ history of the Necrosword?

'Thor: Love and Thunder' Christian Bale as Gorr the God Butcher, user of the Necrosword, wearing a white hooded robe, with his hands on the hood
Christian Bale as Gorr the God Butcher | Marvel Studios/Disney

Taika Waititi’s Thor: Love and Thunder brings the Necrosword to the MCU as a part of Phase 4. Christian Bale’s Gorr the God Butcher lost everything, including his daughter. He always put his faith in the gods and expected their aid in his greatest time of need. However, they were nowhere to be found. Gorr ultimately discovered the cruelty of the very god he praised, who believed that mortals only existed to “suffer” and worship.

The Necrosword presented itself to Gorr when that very same god gripped his throat, giving him the power to slay any god. However, it came at a cost. The Necrosword is a curse that instantly corrupted Gorr, putting him on the path to making all gods extinct. As a result, he came in direct interaction with Thor (Chris Hemsworth) himself.

The ‘Thor: Love and Thunder’ Necrosword points to Knull as the next Thanos-level threat

Thor: Love and Thunder gives Gorr the Necrosword, which also occurs in the comics. However, the weapon’s original full name is the All-Black Necrosword, which has origins that point directly to Knull as becoming the next Thanos-level threat.

Knull created the symbiotes, such as Venom and Carnage – he is their god. He created the Necrosword and tempered it using a Celestial’s power. However, the Necrosword is tethered to the body of a dead Celestial, where it traps the souls of the lives the weapon takes.

The Necrosword ultimately linked itself to Gorr after Knull was temporarily defeated by a group of golden-armored gods. However, the mission to slay gods unknowingly remained in place with Gorr.

Remember the floating Celestial head floating in space called Knowhere in Thor: The Dark World, Guardians of the Galaxy, and Avengers: Infinity War? That’s the work of Knull with the use of his Necrosword. The MCU already has all of the building blocks to introduce Knull, who is undeniably more powerful than Thanos without the Infinity Stones. However, Thanos would still be victorious with the use of the Infinity Stones, which give him the power of Eternity.

Knull will take a lot of power to defeat


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Knull expectedly maxes out the power grid in a way that would make him a terrifying foe in the MCU. Thor: Love and Thunder further makes this possible with the introduction of the Necrosword. However, his powers don’t end with the legendary weapon. He has superhuman attributes and powers that far exceed all those of humans, as well as heightened abilities that the Necrosword can accomplish.

The god of darkness also has the ability to manipulate the living abyss, otherwise known as darkness. He can create and control them through a hive mind. Of course, Knull also has incredible durability, strength, energy manipulation, amortality, shapeshifting, flight, amongst other abilities.

Similar to Thanos in Phase 3, the heroes will have to work together to come close to contesting Knull. However, Thor: Love and Thunder made it clear just how powerful he will be with the inclusion of the Necrosword.