‘Thor: Love and Thunder’ Trailer Teases Thor and Jane’s Rekindled Romance

Marvel Cinematic Universe fans got an extensive look at Thor: Love and Thunder when the official trailer premiered on Monday, May 23. From Christian Bale’s Gorr the God Butcher to Thor and Jane’s romance, the new video has excited many for the upcoming MCU film.

Chris Hemsworth and Natalie Portman, who star as Thor and Jane in the 'Thor: Love and Thunder' trailer, pose for pictures together. Hemsworth wears a black velvet suit over a white button-up shirt and black tie. Portman wears a white strapless dress with a thin black ribbon around the waist.
Chris Hemsworth and Natalie Portman | Photo by Franziska Krug/Getty Images

Marvel released the official trailer for ‘Thor: Love and Thunder’

After much pleading with Marvel to release the Thor: Love and Thunder trailer, fans are getting more content than they could ever hope to see. And the official trailer, which comes a month after the teaser, reveals that the fourth Thor film is an adventure worth waiting for.

The video begins with Korg telling children the story of Thor Odinson, “the space viking.” He explains that after the God of Thunder saved Earth during Avengers: Endgame, Thor went on a journey of self-discovery. He got in shape and traveled with the Guardians. But when he was about to get Mjolnir back, Thor reunited with Jane Foster, who had become Mighty Thor.

Elsewhere in the Thor: Love and Thunder trailer, fans get their first look at Christian Bale as Gorr the God Butcher. He proclaims, “The only ones who gods care about is themselves. So this is my vow: All gods will die.”

Sparks fly between Thor and Jane in the ‘Thor: Love and Thunder’ trailer

Thor and Jane’s reconnection plays a significant part in the Thor: Love and Thunder trailer. They apparently run into one another when Thor tries to get Mjolnir back, but Jane is now Mighty Thor. It’s unclear how Jane got her powers, but it’s evident that she and Thor still have a romantic spark.

Jane questions him, “What’s it been? Like, three, four years?” And Thor answers, “Eight years, seven months, and six days. Give or take.” So not a day has gone by since their breakup that Thor has not thought of his ex-girlfriend.

Valkyrie, ever observant, senses that there are still feelings between Thor and Jane. But Thor, very convincingly, adamantly denies they are rekindling their romance.

Later in the Thor: Love and Thunder trailer, Thor and Jane fight side-by-side. And Thor even compliments her on her fighting skills. Jane shrugs it off, saying, “It was just my first bad guy.” And Thor replies, “You never forget your first,” which, of course, has many underlying meanings.

When they encounter Gorr, the villain tells Thor, “You are not like the other gods I’ve killed.” And the God of Thunder states, “Because I have something worth fighting for,” as a shot of Thor and Jane linking pinkies plays.

Taika Waititi reveals the upcoming MCU film is a rom-com

During an interview with Entertainment Weekly, director Taika Waititi revealed that the fourth Thor movie is partly a romantic comedy. And that’s proven during Thor and Jane scenes in the Thor: Love and Thunder trailer.

“What I didn’t want to do is just make Ragnarok again because that’s been done,” he explained. “I needed to do something more interesting for myself to keep the whole thing ignited and to make sure that I’m feeling creatively stimulated. I thought, ‘What’s the least expected thing with this franchise?'”

And according to the publication, the answer was romance. But other than Thor and Jane exploring their lost spark, the MCU movie also deals with self-discovery.

“It’s sort of like a midlife crisis film, really,” Waititi shared. “That’s the question we ask everyone: Are we doing the right thing, and are we doing all we can in the world? I think right now, while the world is still healing from this pandemic, it’s a good question to ask. It’s like, well, are we doing enough to look after each other and to look after ourselves?”

Thor: Love and Thunder premieres exclusively in theaters on July 8, but fans can watch the trailer as much as they please before then.

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