Tom Holland’s Spider-Man Will Reportedly Gain a Superhero Best Friend in Future MCU Films

Peter Parker doesn’t boast many close-knit relationships with other Marvel Cinematic Universe superheroes. He had an intimate father-son-like bond with Tony Stark until the superhero’s sacrificial demise in Avengers: Endgame. And, it was made abundantly clear in Civil War that Spider-Man looks up to and respects Captain America. 

Tom Holland in front of 'Spider-Man: Homecoming' image
Tom Holland in front of ‘Spider-Man: Homecoming’ image |

The neighborhood web-slinger also got to kick some butt alongside The Guardians of the Galaxy and Doctor Strange. Yet, unlike some other Avengers, Spider-Man’s best friends in the MCU are not superheroes: he’s got Ned (played by Jacob Batalon) and love interest Michelle Jones (played by Zendaya). Yet, recent insider reports suggest that Tom Holland’s Spidey will gain a superhero pal in future installments. 

According to Marvel and DC Insider Mikey Sutton, who recently leaked a scoop to his site, GeekosityMag, when the Fantastic Four make their way into the MCU, Spidey will find a friend in the Human Torch.

Peter Parker will reportedly appear in the MCU’s ‘Fantastic Four’ film

According to Sutton, Peter Parker will appear in the Fantastic Four film when it eventually premieres — a character inclusion well-rooted in comic book history. The family of explorers meets Parker in the 1963 comic The Amazing Spider-Man, No. 1. 

How exactly Spidey will come to befriend The Human Torch remains a bit unclear, as in the comics, he tries to sort of forcefully place himself into the group. Yet, it’s likely that the characters’ divergent personalities will be used for laughs. Sutton explained:

“In some ways, Johnny Storm is the antithesis of Peter Parker’s Spider-Man. He is narcissistic and hotheaded. He’s not exactly the intellectual type, either.”


Johnny Storm and Peter Parker united would be on-screen magic for the MCU

The two have quite the comedic history in the comics, as Sutton noted, and the MCU is not one to shy away from humor and heart. 

While this relationship seems like a surefire bet for future Marvel films, it may even gain some exploration in the form of a buddy-cop-type movie; however, such ideas remain unfounded at the moment and feel more pipedream-like than realistic.


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On the other hand, with Disney+ now releasing Marvel installments, such a concept could work well on the platform, operating in a fashion similar to the upcoming Disney+ series Falcon and the Winter Soldier.