‘Top Gun: Maverick’ Fans Campaign for Glen Powell Oscar Nomination for ‘Homoeroticism’

Top Gun: Maverick has an all-star cast, including the wonderful Glen Powell. Fans love to see actor Tom Cruise on the silver screen as the lead character once again. However, they weren’t expecting some of the new cast members to make such an impact. Some Top Gun: Maverick fans are campaigning for Powell to earn an Oscar nomination for the amount of ‘homoeroticism’ that he added to the movie.

Original ‘Top Gun’ fans continue to talk about its ‘homoerotic’ overtones

'Top Gun: Maverick' Glen Powell as Hangman wearing his pilot uniform and looking to the side with a helicopter in the background
Glen Powell as Hangman | Paramount Pictures

The original Top Gun made an impact on a wide array of audiences around the world. However, the volleyball scene, in particular, remained in the minds of men and women around the world for its sheer amount of eye candy. Many even deemed Top Gun a gay classic, as sweaty, shirtless, and muscular men play an intense game of beach volleyball.

Many of these same audiences wondered if Top Gun: Maverick would do the same with Cruise, Powell, and the rest of the male cast members. Paramount Pictures highlighted a beach football scene in the trailers, building up expectations beyond intense jet stunts.

‘Top Gun: Maverick’ fans are campaigning for Glen Powell to get an Oscar nomination for ‘homoeroticism’

A Top Gun: Maverick tweet specifically pointed out Powell regarding the ‘homoerotic’ nature of the beach football scene and beyond. The first and fourth photos display the actor giving a slight smile in his uniform. However, the second and third photos highlight a shirtless Powell that boasts his muscular physique.

The status along with this tweet reads: “Glen Powell deserves an Oscar in Top Gun: Maverick for playing homoeroticism.”

Additionally, the Twitter user added that he noticed that Powell’s sky fighter outfits were always a bit tighter than everyone else’s in the cast. The replies are primarily filled with responses agreeing with the sentiment. Some folks added that they were hoping to see some more sexual tension between his Hangman character and Miles Teller’s Rooster.

Some of the quote tweets add that they saw Top Gun: Maverick entirely to see Powell in the movie. However, they hoped to see his character have more screentime than he ultimately received.

Some audiences don’t think that it went far enough


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However, some audiences believe that Top Gun: Maverick didn’t push the envelope with Powell quite enough. One response noted: “Maverick was diet homoeroticism,” and the original poster agreed. He responded that they needed to include more. After all, the original Top Gun had more sexual tension than the legacy sequel. They specifically wanted to see Cruise develop on-screen sexual chemistry with another man.

Top Gun: Maverick drew a wide variety of audiences who saw it for many reasons, including the shirtless men, the jets, and the story itself. As a result, the movie continues to make noise at the global office, making it a massive hit just in time for the summer moviegoing season.