Trisha Yearwood’s Sweet Gesture For Her Late Mother

Singer and celebrity chef Trisha Yearwood was very close to her mother, serving with her mom and their family in charitable events and even writing cookbooks with her to share their favorite recipes with others.

When her mom passed away after a long battle with cancer, Trisha knew the natural next step for her was to honor her mom in a way that she would have done herself.

Trisha Yearwood
Trisha Yearwood | Nicholas Hunt/Getty Images for Fragrance Foundation

The Grammy winner told Country Living, “My parents are gone now so this whole cooking thing that I do, my second career, is tied to those memories and keeps them alive because what I make is my twist on what they used to make,” says Yearwood. “It helps my sister and I feel connected to them.”

Her first country album in 12 years

The wife of fellow country singer Garth Brooks released this year her first country album in twelve years. It features duets with her husband, as well as with former Eagle Don Henley.

The fourteen-track album features songs including the first single, Every Girl in This Town. Yearwood calls it a true “girl anthem.”

“I wanted to enjoy making music,” Yearwood said. “The mindset I went into making this record was just a freedom that was just awesome, and as a result, I think the music just showed up. Every Girl in This Town was the song that floated to the top for a single, and I think there’s more. It feels good.”

Kelly Clarkson performs on Yearwood’s new album

Appearing on The Kelly Clarkson Show earlier this month, Yearwood and Clarkson shared about the time they spent recording a track together for Yearwood’s new album.

“It’s just amazing what you bring,” Yearwood said to Clarkson, 37. “I know you could probably — everyone you sing with, you make them sound better. But I love our voices together. I love singing with you.”

“What’s funny is the first time we got to record together… I got there, and I had no idea that her husband was going to be, like, producing it,” Clarkson told the audience.

Clarkson continued, “I’ll tell you, I have never been more nervous about sounding good. Because I was like, you’re there already, that was nerve-wracking enough, and then your husband, who’s you know, Garth freaking Brooks, walks in. Literally, he was producing me. I was peeing my pants.”

A beautiful way to remember her mother

Yearwood’s mother succumbed to breast cancer in 2011. Since then, the singer has worked tirelessly to raise awareness about the disease. Earlier this month, Yearwood carried on her mother’s legacy of giving back to her community by partnering with the American Cancer Society and JCPenney to host a homestyle luncheon for fourteen breast cancer survivors in the Nashville area at her own home, also in Nashville.

Over a meal of healthy dishes from the Grammy-winning singer’s popular cookbooks, the women shared their personal stories of the disease that will strike more than 300,000 Americans this year.

After the luncheon, the celebrity chef marveled at the women’s gratitude.

“These ladies were thanking me for having them at my house for a meal,” she said, “but really, I just wanted to thank them for sharing their lives with me for just a little bit, and allowing me to be a part of their journey in a small way.”