Tyler Posey Had a Crush on 2 of His ‘Teen Wolf’ Co-Stars: ‘It’s Not a Secret’

The Tyler Posey-starring TV series Teen Wolf definitely captured high school, both on-camera and behind the scenes. While the popular series delved into the world of mystical creatures and teen love, there were also a few sparks flying when the cameras weren’t rolling.

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Shortly after the series wrapped, Posey even took a lie detector test that revealed he had multiple on-set crushes. While Posey’s two crushes had very little overlap in the series, both actors are set to appear with Posey in the upcoming Teen Wolf: The Movie.

Tyler Posey’s crushes were out in the open

The original Teen Wolf with Michael J. Fox is packed with teen romance and drama, laying the foundation for MTV’s TV version that ran from 2011 to 2017. In the MTV series, Scott (Posey) falls for the one person he probably shouldn’t: the daughter of a werewolf hunter. Scott’s complicated relationship with Allison Argent (Crystal Reed) had some steamy moments, which apparently led Posey to carry the crush into real life.

Strapped to a lie detector test for Fuse, Posey admitted that some of the rumors around him and Reed had some truth to them. Reed portrayed Allison in the first three seasons of the series before exiting, leaving Scott to honor Allison’s memory early in season four.

That was also right around the time that Malia (Shelley Hennig) became a major part of the show. A werecoyote with a bit of a wild streak, Malia ends up a close ally of Scott’s pack before ultimately falling in love with him. Apparently, Hennig was more than convincing in the role, as Scott also acknowledged he had a crush on Hennig as well. But neither crush was all that scandalous and Posey remains coy about it. “But they both knew,” Posey claimed (per BuzzFeed). “It wasn’t a secret.”

It’s unclear if Posey’s crushes went anywhere

While Posey says that both actors knew about his crushes, we really don’t know if it went beyond that. According to J-14, Reed was actually involved with the only known Teen Wolf off-camera romance—but it wasn’t with Posey. As Reed explained to US Weekly, she once dated Daniel Sharman, who played Isaac in the second and third seasons.

Although we have no idea whether Posey ever made a move to win over Reed, Sharman is much closer to Reed’s age. While Posey was 20 when Teen Wolf premiered, Reed was 26 and Sharman was 25. When Reed and Sharman eventually split, Reed went on a solo trip to Paris and got hooked on Alanis Morissette’s album Jagged Little Pill.

As for any off-camera flames between Posey and Hennig, all we have are internet rumors to go on. Though he told NME that he’s “been with everybody under the sun,” apparently that doesn’t actually include Hennig. Last we heard, Posey was dating alt-rock singer Phem, whom he credits with helping him discover his sexual fluidity.  

Posey, Reed, and Hennig are all in the new ‘Teen Wolf’ movie

Following plenty of rumors of a Teen Wolf revival, it looks like fans will finally get their wish. Filming for Teen Wolf: The Movie began in early 2022, according to TV Insider. In addition to Posey, Reed, and Hennig all returning for the reunion, there are plenty of other fan favorites who are coming back to Beacon Hills. Holland Roland, Orny Adams, Linden Ashby, and Seth Gilliam are all expected to return as well.

Outside of Teen Wolf, Posey and company remain very busy. While Posey just appeared in the thriller Brut Force, he’s also soon to start filming the drama Oshie, according to IMDb. Reed is set to star in the comedy-thriller Dead Giveaway and recently was in Pinball: The Man Who Saved the Game. Hennig, meanwhile, just wrapped on horror-comedy Gatlopp and was recently in the Netflix miniseries The Woman in the House Across the Street from the Girl in the Window, starring alongside Kristen Bell and Tom Riley.

There is also plenty of anticipation to see them all together again in the Teen Wolf universe. The streaming release date for Teen Wolf: The Movie is scheduled for later in the year on Paramount+, where all 100 episodes of the series are already available.

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