‘WandaVision’: Children Could Be What Brings Wanda Maximoff’s Reality To Fail

WandaVision started off in its sitcom-style for the first two episodes but quickly hinted at the fact that things were not OK in Westview. Wanda Maximoff and Vision are obviously not meant to be in this type of reality, given that they’re Avengers and from the real world. Now that Episodes 4 and 5 gave more insight into why they’re there, there is one entity that could throw that all off, and those are the children of Westview. [Spoiler alert: Spoilers ahead for WandaVision].

Episode 5 of ‘WandaVision’ revealed that there are no children in Wanda’s Westview

Elizabeth Olsen as Wanda Maximoff in 'WandaVision'
Elizabeth Olsen as Wanda Maximoff in ‘WandaVision’ | Disney+ / Marvel

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When Wanda and Vision first started off on their “sitcom,” it was the 50s, which quickly turned into the 60s. In those first two episodes, they interacted with mostly their neighbor Agnes and Vision’s coworkers. By Episode 2, there were a lot more citizens in the town that they were talking to, especially at the “For the Children” fundraiser. However, it definitely wasn’t the whole town. 

And most notably, there weren’t any children at the “For the Children” fundraiser. That was something some fans noticed at the time, but now that Wanda has two twins of her own, it’s blatantly obvious that Westview is devoid of kids. 

While, again, it could be chalked up to Wanda and Vision being the only ones interacting with the boys, and therefore that’s all the audience is seeing, that’s actually not it. Vision actually points out that the town doesn’t have any kids. He starts to become suspicious of Wanda and their life, which increases when he breaks Norm out of his mind control and he freaks out. So when Vision’s fears are validated, he asks Wanda why there are no children in Westview as he’s going on about his suspicions in general. 

Wanda can’t control the twins, Tommy and Billy

So, why aren’t there kids in the town in the first place? Why wouldn’t she want to sell the whole illusion fully, so this wouldn’t be a topic to bring up in the first place? Well, if you noticed how Tommy and Billy behaved in this episode, it would give you a clue. And by “behaved,” we mean that they didn’t. 

Or rather, they acted as kids do. They disobeyed their mom in a silly fashion. Or even as babies they just did what babies do; they cried nonstop. Parents can’t help that. However, Wanda thought she could because she can manipulate every other part of her reality. That’s why she was so perplexed when they wouldn’t just stop crying. 

And there were so many other moments when they refused to bend to Wanda’s will: when they aged up without her consent, when they kept asking about Vision’s whereabouts, or when they refused to fall for Wanda’s lies about what day it was. And heaven knows she would have programed her kids not to ask her about her brother or bring up how she resurrects the dead. 

As Vision grows more suspicious, Wanda will have to include more children in her reality, which will shatter the illusion since she can’t control them

So, there are plenty of signs that she has no control over children. It’s possible that it could just be her children, especially if she gave them powers through birthing them. Those powers could counteract her own. However, the fact that no other kids are in town makes it seem like she did it on purpose because she can’t control them. 

With this in mind, the upcoming Halloween episode seems a bit weird; there are obviously a lot of kids in those episodes, right? Well, with Vision becoming so suspicious, Wanda is going to make this world seem more real to him, and placating this one issue he pointed out is the first step. So of course she’s going to add kids back into the world. However, where have they been? And if she can’t control them, will they blab all about it? 

“She’s gonna be forced to make the world more complicated to ‘sell’ Vision on it and that’s going to bring things crumbling down,” one Reddit user commented on a post. 

Another user commented that the reality is going to have to start being more convincing just because he is so adamant about the truth and already knows she’s keeping things from him. The trailer shows that he’s going to venture outside of the Hex, so it seems like maybe bring the children into Westview could be that final straw to showing Vision he needs to figure out answers for himself. 

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