‘WandaVision’: The Mephisto Theory Actually Coincides With a Salem Witch Trials Easter Egg

WandaVision is literally all Marvel fans can talk about right now and not just because it’s the only Marvel Cinematic Universe thing premiering. The show is also full of questions and hidden messages along with mysteries that fans are trying to figure out. What is up with Westview and Wanda Maximoff’s perfect little life with Vision. And why are there all these theories involving Mephisto? Even if you’re familiar with the comics, one tiny Easter egg harkens back to the Salem Witch trials, further proving (to some fans) that the devilish villain is on the horizon. [Spoiler alert: Spoilers ahead for WandaVision]. 

It’s now clear that Wanda is behind the warped reality in Westview

Elizabeth Olsen in WandaVision
Elizabeth Olsen in ‘WandaVision.’ | Disney+ / Marvel

Before Episode 4 aired, there were a lot of theories and questions about who was behind this false, sitcom reality. The S.W.O.R.D. logo showed up a lot, even as soon as Episodes 1 and 2, so there was a possibility that they were either involved or trying to save Wanda from this place. Especially with the voice on the radio trying to get her attention, it seemed like she was in trouble. 

Then, when Wanda made Vision save Mr. Hart and then when she rewound their story after the beekeeper showed up in Episode 2, it seemed more like Wanda was in control. But again, she might have been in control or a part of the control, but was she the reason for the reality?

But then, in Episode 4, viewers got a front-row seat into how Monica Rambeau got involved in this reality and it became clear that Wanda is 100 percent the creator and perpetrator of this warped reality. She created this utopia for herself and Vision in her grief. This is made all the more impactful with Monica’s five words when she comes back from Westview after being thrown back by Scarlet Witch herself:

“It’s Wanda. It’s all Wanda.” 

However, there’s a theory that another villain, Mephisto, is behind the scenes as well

So while that makes sense — it coincides with Scarlet Witch’s arc in the comics as well, when she bends reality because of her grief from losings her twins later on — there are more theories that Mephisto is also making moves behind the scenes here. In the comics, Mephisto is closely aligned with Scarlet Witch’s story as well; he’s quite literally the devil himself, and is thousands of years old. Wanda is descended from witches, and as some myths go, witches go hand-in-hand with Satan. 

But even further than that, as Polygon reported, there’s the “hexagon theory.” Hexagons show up all over the place in WandaVision. From images in the little commercials to the design of Wanda and Vision’s title card in the 1950s sitcom intro song. Not to mention the bees in Episode 2, and beehives have hexagonal shapes. When Jimmy Woo is writing on his whiteboard as Darcy is broadcasting the “show” in Episode 4, “Why hexagonal shape?” is one of the questions even he wants answering. 

In addition to that, Polygon also pointed out that in the Loki trailer, a stained glass window seemed to show that an image of Mephisto is even in the background. Nothing seems to be in an MCU movie or show on accident; this could point to the Big Bad Mephisto showing up later this season. 

One major Easter egg actually points to Agnes’ husband’s birthday and the Salem Witch Trials 


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A major component to this theory is, well, how or when will he show up? Mephisto is this big, red guy. He’s obviously in disguise, or just out of sight for now, but if he’s incognito, who is he? Even after four episodes, viewers still haven’t seen Agnes’ husband, but he does apparently exist. Oh so she says. 

Agnes gives a funny anecdote about how the only way Ralph, her husband, would remember their anniversary date is if it was the name of a beer. However, the date she gives as their anniversary is June 2nd, and as one Reddit user pointed out, that’s also the date of the Salem Witch Trials. 

“There is a legend in New Hampshire in the 1600s that clergymen were approached by the devil and he offered to cook them baked beans, which Agnes says is Ralph’s favorite food,” they wrote, which furthers this theory. “Señor Scratchy translates to Mr. Scratch, which is a nickname for the devil, who can turn into a white rabbit. Agnes lives on Wanda’s left, the devil’s shoulder. Agnes asks about Wanda’s bridge game, and in bridge there is a strategy called the devil’s coup.”

The user also shared that this theory points to “numerous clocks and the radio” missing the number six on them. It’s also interesting to note that New Jersey’s hockey team is the Devils. Plus another theory is that Agnes is actually Agatha Harkness, a centuries-old witch in the comics. Which would be yet another link to the Salem Witch Trials. 

As to why Mephisto is in Wanda’s reality, another Reddit user thinks a deal was made to “bring Vision back” however, their guess is as good as yours at this point.