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Lori Vallow is widely known as the “Doomsday Mom” whose two children Tylee Ryan and Joshua Jaxon “J. J.” Vallow were found dead on Chad Daybell’s property in 2020. Sixteen years before that, she was a Wheel of Fortune contestant. Her appearance on the game show comes up in Netflix‘s three-part docuseries Sins of Our Mother, which dropped on Sept. 14, 2022. Watch Lori play Wheel of Fortune. 

Lori Vallow, who appeared on 'Wheel of Fortune' in 2004, with her son Colby Ryan
Lori Vallow and Colby Ryan | Netflix

God allegedly told Lori Vallow she would be on ‘Wheel of Fortune’ 

Shortly after marrying Joe Ryan, Lori Vallow got a taste of being in the public eye. She participated in the Miss Texas pageant in 2004. “For her to be on a stage being recognized I know had to be really important,” Lori’s ex-sister-in-law Annie Cushing says in Sins of Our Mothe‘Girl in the Picture’: Everything You Need to Know About Sharon Marshallr.

The same year, Lori was a contestant on Wheel of Fortune. “I think that she always had this inclination to super-spiritualize everything,” Cushing continued. “Her telling of the story was God told her she was going to be on Wheel of Fortune. She had to have that extra validation of … [hearing] from God.” 

Lori Vallow’s ‘Wheel of Fortune’ appearance won her $17,500 

At the time she appeared on Wheel of Fortune, Lori was a hair stylist living in Austin, Texas. During the game, she tells Pat Sajak about her “wonderful husband Joseph [Ryan]” who was home watching their “two beautiful children,” Colby and Tylee Ryan. 

Colby was 7-years-old at the time and Tylee was one. “We like to play all kinds of sports on our three acres,” Lori adds. She did not make it to the final round during her appearance, but she did walk away with a $17,500 prize. 

‘Sins of Our Mother’ explores the impact Lori Vallow has on her only living child 

Many people know about Lori’s involvement with Chad Daybell and the death of her two children Tylee and J.J. There have been multiple documentaries, news specials, and podcast episodes about the “Doomsday Mom,” but Netflix’s latest docuseries is different. 


‘Girl in the Picture’: Everything You Need to Know About Sharon Marshall

This time, the story is told from Lori’s eldest son’s perspective. In the series, Colby recounts Lori’s multiple marriages, the birth of his sister Tylee, and when their family grew by one with the adoption of J.J.

The three-part docuseries doesn’t ignore Tylee and J.J.’s heinous deaths, but it doesn’t put the focus on what you already know about Loris’ case, either. Instead, Colby gives details about these horrific events and the impact they have had on his life in a way that honors his little brother and sister. 

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